Friday, August 26, 2011

HP Officejet Pro 8500 Wireless with fake paper jam

apologize for all this info in a piecemeal fashion. But I work on it, then get frustrated and post, then work on it, then post. Here's my last post for awhile (I need a break from this and could use some helpful hints from those who have seen success.

Things I learned:
1. The black cover arm appears to go to the left and fit in a groove at the top of a white piece that is on the far left* (it contacts the spring mechanism).

2. Temporarily taping/splinting the black cover helps me get both pieces onto the assembly intact, but it's still a B*!@#^H to try and close the two (I've yet to succeed)

Questions I still have:

1. Does positioning of the black cog (the part that mates with the white cog) matter? It appears to "lock" into approximately three different positions. What I call a rear position, a neutral position and a forward position*.

2. Do I need to do anything with the hanging paper feeder mechanism (i.e., push it up and try to lock it in place, etc.) or once everything is reattached will that do its own thing?

3. Does it matter if the white cog is mated with the black cog when I attempt to place the black cover on, or does it need to be disengaged and pressed up against the spring?

4. Is there any significance for the groove* on the left side (spring side) of the white cog?