Monday, September 26, 2011

HP C7280 Ink System Failure

If I had this issue, I would first check that the contacts
between the cartridge and printer are clean and clear of paper
dust, ink, what-have-you. Clean both sides with a lint-free
cloth and isopropyl alcohol.

If that doesn't do it, try poking around in the menus that you
access with the "*", "#" 123 process above. I think there's a
place where you can perform tests on individual cartridge
'pumps'. I wish I could get my hands on a service manual for
this thing.

You could also scan some forum sites and see if anyone has one
of these that you could obtain for spare parts, and if you're
mechanically inclined, replace the cartridge assembly from the
spare parts machine.

Barring that, the only thing you could do is send it out for
service. I hate to say it, but the repair costs may exceed
the price of a new device. I've seen all-in-ones for sale at
some stores for around $100. If you do your homework ahead of
time, you can avoid getting a device that has poor reviews.