Monday, September 26, 2011

Laserjet 4000N transfer roller hold down problem

You will need to replace the paper feed guide assembly. Part number is RG5-2643-160CN. The instructions for removal are not in the service manual but are contained in the 4100 service manaul. Below are the instructions. Not for the faint at heart.

The answer your question above there is nothing on the transfer roller on the right side except for the metal shaft which is held in place by the white plastic holder on the right side.

Paper-feed guide assembly
1 To remove the paper-feed guide assembly:
a Remove the rear right side cover.
b Remove the control panel.
c Remove the top cover.
d Remove the left side cover.
e Remove the front right side cover
f Remove the rear cover/rear output bin.
g Remove the fuser assembly.
h Remove tray 1.
i Remove the tray 1 pickup assembly.
j Remove the right side toner cartridge guide.
k Remove the registration assembly.
l Remove the formatter assembly.
m Remove the printer drive assembly.
n Separate the engine module from the paper-feed module.
o Remove the engine controller board.
2 Remove the plastic main gear cable guide by releasing the three tabs.
3 Loosen the plastic formatter ribbon cable guide.
4 Disconnect the paper-sensor cable.
5 Remove the two self-tapping screws.
6 Carefully remove the paper-feed guide assembly.
Note The engine controller board grounding spring might interfere with removal.