Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Brother MFC 420CN Print Heads

to remove the head and clean would require a near dis assembly of printer.
in short, open the lid as if to replace ink, unclip the bottom of the lid leg and swing open.leave ink in.
remove 4 screws and remove plastic clips to wires. disconnect wires there are 4 or 5 in total. now carefully unhook the lid from main unit, take your time.

after separating 2 parts.

unclip plastic cover on head, remove print head cable wire from head, unclip silver clip that hold ink hoses,
undo top (in relation to head) slide bar, carefully remove head..
lift from no bar side first.

soak under very warm water for a few minutes and get old ink out
of the clear chambers. keep going, enough?? do it again!
now... reassemble.

if you removed the ink tanks.. you now have a mess on the bottom of your printer, clean that before re assembley.
reverse all the above and
the clock will have passed at least 1 hour if not 1.5 hours.

I'am not sure if bulk ink is the cause of clogging, there maybe
some design failure of sorts since ink has to be drawn upwards,
if there is a gap or leak.. air gets in?? i don't know but
i've taken it apart more than once.