Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Epson Rx500 Reset Tools

Epson Rx500 Reset Tools
1. Screen reads "Printer error-see your documentation or call service if necessary". Turn printer off.
2. From the off position, press and hold: On + Load/Eject + B&W + Color + Stop.
3. Continue to hold them down until the red light (!) starts. flashing (otherwise you're just turning it on).
4. On screen message is "Init. EEPROM"
5. Press the Color button, upon which the screen adds to the message "push power sw".
6. Press On button.

-another way is-

1. From the off position, press and hold: On + Setup + Clear.
2. Screen display's "COPY ENDURANCE".
3. Press the Select > a couple times until it gets to "Rst. Ink OFC".
4. Press the Color button.
5. Clean/soak up ink in sponge (inside far left).
6. Follow the screen instructions and closed it up.

Unfortunately for me, neither of them worked. So I tried to run through the first procedure, but instead of pressing the power button at step 6, I simply unplugged it from the wall. Now the printer screen is blank and my red light stays on. No combinations of buttons allows for the screen to come back. It still doesn't print and all I get is a "General Error".