Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Error Brother MFC-8300 following message: "Printer Jam"

cyd- transmission verifacation report(xmit report) is what you are looking for. Press "Function",then "1"(fax),then "7"(reports),then"1"(xmit report.

ur1andOnly- try hpwizard's suggestion of cleaning the roller in fact clean the roller and seperation pad "cork".
If that dosen't work replace the cork. You can find this at hobby shops just peel off the old piece and make sure you match up the thickness. Beyond that you are looking at replacing a troublesome solenoid spring. Cheap and simple part for a service center however if you dont know what you are doing you may cause more problems.

Anonymous- The machine has sensors throughout the paper path that tell it where the paper is. Somewhere there is paper stuck on one of those sensors or the sensors is broken/disconnected. Open the rear paper guide to visually inspect the unit. Then remove all the paper in the paper tray and power up unit. If you still have trouble a sensor may be the issue. email me and i can show you where the sensors are by faxing a diagram.