Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Error Code for Canon Pixma Mp258

P02 (Carriage error)

Make sure no foreign material stuck to the print head railway.Clean and check the print head encoder strip cable (timing slit film or encoder strip is a white line on the back of the box set of ink lines may be missing or mess up the ink.

P03 (Line feed error): an error in transmission line entering the line feed (LF) is a signal telling the printer to move to another line or a whole new line that would not otherwise have reached the end of the line.

Check wire print head position (timing slit disk film) on the side of the machine.Check PCB logic board.

P05 (ASF sensor error) sensor for paper feed error.

Try to replace the following:ASF / PE sensor unit.Drive unit.PCB logic board.

P06 (Internal temperature error): caused by abnormal heat inside the printer.

P07 (Ink absorber full): the Ink Wastepad (sponge) inside the printer is full

Replace the wastepad inside the printer or install  waste ink bin outside the printerthen Reset counter protection.

P08 (Print head temperature rise error): caused by thermal print head temperature exceeds a threshold.

Replace the new cartridge print head and / or change a new logic board.

P09 (EEPROM error): caused by corrupted or defective EEPROM chips of the printer.

Replace the logic board.

P15 (USB VBUS over current): caused by too much current, try removing the USB cable and then plugin again, if solve the error, try to replace with a new USB cable. If the error still exist replace the logic board.

P20 (Other hardware error): The failure of other hardware.

Try to replace the logic board.

P22 (Scanner error): a scanner malfunction.

try to change the scanner unit or change a the logic board.

E13 or E16: Ink has run out

Pressing the Stop / Reset button for 5 to 8 seconds until the led screen display number 1.

E04, E05, E14 or E15: Cartridge may not be installed properly

Reinstall the ink cartridge.Be the first to like this post.