Wednesday, October 26, 2011

HP photosmart 3310 Troubleshooting

HP Photosmarts:
C3210, C3310, C5180, C5183, C6150, C6180, C6188, C6288, C6288, C7160, C7180, C7268, C7280, C7360, C8250, D7460 and all other Photosmart printers

1. Press * and # at the same time, and then release both keys. This will open the Mfg Commands Menu and say; “Enter Special Key Combo”.
2. Press 123. "Support R0045" will apear.
3. Press Right Arrow Cursor button: (uiaux Menu)
Once for: Information Menu > Info menu
Twice for: FAX Diag Menu > Run FAX Test > Reset FAX Params > Change FAX Params > FAX Param Report > FAX Trace Report > Speaker Mode > Ring Monitor > CNG Monitor > Signal Monitor.... Repeat.
Three Times: Print Tests Menu > Nozzle Test. Pressing OK gets you this:

4. Press OK on one of the three Service Menus.
5. Press CANCEL several times to back your way out as needed or until the normal screen appear.

LCD Screen & Cursor Test
Play Pong Game:

1. Press * and # at the same time, and then release both keys.
2. The display should read “Enter Special Key Combo”. Press 7664.
3. A yellow paddle appears. It moves only Horizontally using the right & Left Cursor Keys.
4. Press OK to pitch ball.
5. Press Cancel to exit.

Extended Self Diagnostic Test

1. Press OK & Cancel Button simultanously