Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Replaced Print Head and Problem (No Ink) Persists

An authorized service rep told me that the Waste Ink Counter will automatically shut off the flow of ink when it exceeds a certain limit. (He did not specify the limit). He reset the Waste Ink Counter in Service Mode and then produced a good test print while I was not looking. I asked him if the Waste Ink Pad needed to be serviced and he said that, upon inspection, the Waste Ink Pad seemed to be nowhere near capacity. (He did not specify the inspection or limit criteria.)

I purchased and downloaded the Service Manual, Parts Catalog, and Product Service Details documents. These documents describe how to access the Service Menu in Service Mode. The Service Menu has options to print a test page, print EEPROM information, Reset the Waste Ink Counter, initialize EEPROM memory, and other functions.

The instructions for resetting the Waste Ink Counter are as follows:

0. Close the lid and turn the device off.
1. Enter Service Mode.
1a. Press and hold the Cancel/Eject button.
1b. Press and Hold the Power button (simultaneously). LED should illuminate green.
1c. Release the Cancel/Eject button.
1d. Press and release (tap) the Cancel/Eject button three times. LED will change color with each tap. On the third tap release the Power button and the Cancel/Eject button at the same time.
1e. Allow the device time to initialize. LED will blink green while initializing. LED will illuminate green when initialization is complete. Device is now in Service Mode.
2. Reset Waste Ink Counter.
2a. Press and release (tap) the Cancel/Eject button 4 times. LED will alternate color with each tap. Note: the Cancel/Eject button is the Service Menu scroll/selection button in Service Mode.
2b. Press and release the Power button. Waste Ink Counter will reset. Note: the Power button is the Service Menu item launch/execute button in Service Mode.
3. Exit service mode.
3a. Power off the device. (Tap the Power button.)

If you are interested in seeing what the Waste Ink Count was at before and/or after the counter reset, Tap the Service Menu button 2 times and execute to print the EEPROM information. The Waste Ink COunter values are the fourth and fifth values printed (D and Ds).

If you are interested in printing a service test page, press the Service Menu button once then execute.

If you are interested in wiping out the non-volatile RAM completely, thus loosing potentially valuable troubleshooting information, press the Service Menu button 3 times and execute to initialize EEPROM.

I want to take this time to thank Canon and it's development team for not representing the Waste Ink Counter in the Canon BJ Status Monitor, Printer and Fax Properties Maintenance tab, nor the i80 Setup Utility.