Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Canon Pixma iP6600 CISS Installation Instructions, The PIXMA iP6600 CISS or Supply System Continuous Ink is a photo printer developed and marketed by Canon. The installation disc that came with the printer controls the process of installing the printer. You may need administrative rights to perform the installation procedure.
things you need:
USB printer cable

1 Unpacking the printer. Remove all components of the printer from the box.
2 Open the printer cover. Remove the protective material and tape. Close the lid.
3 Connect the printer to a power source. Press the Power button to turn on the printer. This will initialize the printer. Wait until the "power" of the lamp will stop flashing before proceeding.
4 Navigate with the arrow buttons to select the printer language the printer screen. Click "OK" to confirm.
5 Pull the paper carefully. Lift the outer and lower inner cover. This will change the print head bracket to the center.
6 Remove the printhead from its packaging. Remove the orange protective cap from the printhead.
7 Lift the locking lever printhead until it snaps into place.
8 Slide the print head carefully in the media. Lower the print head lock lever and push down.
9 Remove the plastic wrap and orange cloud of ink cartridges. Insert the yellow ink cartridge into the slot on the right. Push until it clicks. Repeat with the other ink cartridge, inserting each in its slot.
10 Close the inside cover. Close the cover.
11 Open the paper support and pull it to extend the paper tray. Load some paper.
12 Click "Yes" when receiving a message for the alignment of the printheads. Click "OK" to continue.
13 Turn off the printer.
14 Insert the installation disc that came with the photo printer in the optical drive. Wait until Windows reads the disc and open the "AutoPlay" dialog box.
15 Click to select the option that says "setup.exe."
16 Select "Easy Install" when the installation wizard starts.
17 Click "Install."
18 Read the license agreement and click "Yes" to an agreement. Click "OK" to restart the computer.
19 Follow the "Printer Connection" screen that appears after rebooting. Connect a USB printer cable to the photo printer and a USB port on your computer.
20 Turn the printer.
21 Follow the onscreen instructions to finish installing the software. Click "Next" when you see the results of the installation.
22 Follow the onscreen instructions to register your product. Click "Exit" after installation complete.