Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Clear waste ink pad counter with correction of Epson

Adjustment program (known as AdjPro) is the best tool for epson Inkjet printer user (pen and photo). Where the light on the status of your  printer is this. Your printer must clear or reset the counter to zero. This is a common method can use any version of the Epson Stylus Photo printer or AdjPro (each model of the printer has its own AdjPro version is not the same for all AdjPro)

Do the step by step:
After running AdjPro (correction)-to accept the software license agreementSelect your printer model (this event is the R290)Select the waste ink pad, counter
Click check buttonCheck in 2 position as a figure (two red arrows) and click initialize to
You're ready the Reset counter to zero by inclusion and your printer. Green light will be up and the printer now!