Tuesday, November 22, 2011

E27 & E13 on the printer Canon Pixma MP198

E27 message on the printer Canon Pixma MP198
The first time you reset canon pixma mp198 printer, I tried to use reset mp145 way, I think the problem could be resolved, it can not, yes it's time to die internet again. So could not the same asked google grandparents.
It turned out that in addition to the manual reset once (who Temporary) must also software reseter mp198.
After reset is complete there is a problem arising again E13 message, do not search the existing list of E13 was not the cause, after the meet was just a resume or e-stop button / reset button is more or less asked for 5 sec. Done and could be printing again.

Follow the instructions step by step
1. Turn Off the printer (power cable still plug),
2. Press and Hold ON/Off and than press STOP / reset 2x.
3. Release both buttons and printer will step into the SERVICE MODE
4. Run the program reset for mp198, see picture
5. Close program and turn off the printer.

Download Reset Mp198