Tuesday, November 22, 2011


How Reset ink level cartridge Canon Pixma iP1800 With iPtool software ?, I get this tutorial as a forum to resolve the error ink level on canon PIXMA iP1880 Pixma iP1800/Canon. This problem usually occurs after completing the canon printer cartridge and ink-level indicator that shows the ink cartridge is empty, although they have filled a cc of ink into the cartridge. And if the problem occurs you can not use the printer for printing. The solution should be to restore the level of ink in the printer if you want your computer to work again. 

If you have a problem like that ca follow this tutorial to solve the printer problem, here's how:
Turn the printer off and unplug the power cable to the printer.
Press the power button on the printer. While pressing the button to connect the power cord to the power supply (the power indicator turns green)
While holding the power button press resume button twice - flashing amber and back to green.
Release the power button, the computer will recognize the new cartridge installed (If the indicator on the printer steady green to follow the steps 5)

IPtools run the software, please be patient after the detection software of the printer properly or you can set the printer model in "Model of Change" section.
Click "restore black and reset" to reset the ink level and click on "main course and return to reset" to restart the fight against waste of ink. After clicking the button you will see the ink cartridge information is 100% IPTol GT and WM is set to 0. Click Exit on IPTool 
Turn the printer off and on again.

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