Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Reset Samsung SCX-4300 tools

SAMSUNG SCX-4300 is small and still strong. Despite the dimensions of x 14.25 "x 9.10" his diminutive 16.00 mm cranks, 600 x 600 dpi documents with a rate of 19 ppm. There is also a monthly cycle of 10 000 pages. SCX-4300 is flexible, with a personal card, AutoFit, N-up, branches and poster copy modes. And rich matte black finish gives a contemporary feel to your workplace. With the SAMSUNG SCX-4300 is not difficult to imagine. But how to ResetCounter it? It is here

1. First download the below tool, such as RAR and extract the compressed file.
2. implementation of the fix .bat and get a screen with a command prompt, press Enter. You will receive a hd FIX_SCX4300_V 1.13 _Fact_romdl.

TECHLCD Display,
press, LCD Display data Setup and press, while the LCD display FLASH UPGRADE-> LOCAL select and press

3. the Download filein the play and wait a few seconds.

Note: If your printer not answered for a long time, you can turn it off and on again. You may have to reinstall your printer driver.

4. Continue to do the steps below:

again, press the LCD display CLEAR COUNTERS-> clear all CNT >-wait for the red light is on and to turn off your printer.

5. and now use recruitment tool or what something in your hand, remove the counter chip toner cartridge. This is OK now!

Now success and nothing else please comment here!

Download Reset counter for SCX-4300