Sunday, December 25, 2011

Bypass the low ink or out of original ink Lexmark Inkjet Cartridge

Go to 'control panel'. - select 'printers & faxes' - right click the printer - select 'properties' - select the 'advanced' tab - uncheck any checked boxes on the bottom part of the screen (first up is 'hold mismatched documents), that one & the 3 others under MUST BE UNCHECKED to work - then check 'print directly to the printer' option. Close everything & restart computer. If you get an error message it must be because you haven't unchecked all 4 boxes i told you to before.

So, this will bypass the ink check, for some reason it does so while spooling the document you wanna print, i'm no programming wiz so don't ask me how! ;)

This has a downfall: since spooling is disabled & documents are printed directly to the printer, your program may stop responding for the duration of the printing, especially if the document is huge, like graphics. You may not feel it if it is mostly text.

It's a downfall but it's WAY better than having to deal with the EXTREMELY annoying boxes telling you are out of ink. Since i bought this printer 2 months ago i've been trying to find ANY info on how to shut the hell up this printer. I haven't. This is the closest i've come to peace, & since cartridges are so darn expensive.