Sunday, December 25, 2011

Change toner SAMSUNG SCX-4521F

Change toner SAMSUNG SCX-4521F
Instructions for inserting a toner cartridge in the printer SAMSUNG SCX-4521F when this has been refilled or if a cartridge is not original.The Samsung SCX-4521F printer only recognizes the original cartridges SAMSUNG and rejects those who despite being originals have been refilled

When this happens, on the screen printer appears the mesage "TONER EMPTY" and every time you turn the printer on you will hear an annoying beep.

To prevent this from happening, when you replace a cartridge that is not genuine or has been refilled, you must enter the unlock code and follow the steps listed below:

"Unlock Code"

1. Press the "MENU" option followed by "#" and enter the code "1934".
2. The screen should display the word "READY"
3. Move with the arrows until you find the option "NEW CARTDRIGE"
4. Choose "YES" by pressing "OK"
5. Press again the key "OK"
6. Turn the printer off to restart the machine.