Monday, December 3, 2012

Brohure for Photo Inkjet Epson L800

The subversive Epson Innovational Ink Cell Grouping is organized for superior publish volume utilisation in brain. With a return of up to 1,800* 4R photos, the L800 Ikon Machine offers extraordinary reckon for money. The scheme is fitted with filters and cell caps to keep flow and secure smallest ink wastage from evaporation - resulting in minimal exposure lead preventative and a jack work character.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

error 6A00 on Canon Pixma MP610

Open the cover. There is a Purge unit on the right. Use a flashlight and you will see two ink pads. This is where the printhead is PARKED,.. and is the top of the Purge unit. There are wiper blades that move from the rear to the front that wipe the bottom of the printhead when it is parked (The ink pads actually drop down about 3/4" to allow the wiper to pass,..then it supposed to SPRING back to the rear. All of this, and the ink suction for cleaning the printhead is done by the purge unit,... one of the most complex parts of the printer.

Use some rubber gloves and a paper towel and see if you can press the ink pads down just a little bit, like 1/4". See if for some reason the wipter blade is stuck extended,.. if so see if you can get it unstuck. Don't force anything, just be gentle.The error you are getting is telling you that the purge unit is not giving the correct timing signal as it rotates inside 360 degrees. Therefore, something is either broken or jammed inside. If you had a paper jam and tried to forcefully pull it out, you could have pulled the internal gears out of alignment.

So if you will need to do some maneouvers to try to release the cartridge from its parking position. Dont try hard.

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Epson T0711 Need reset Or How to Fix problem

Epson T0711 cartridge is full can and leave it to the printer, small holes about the eighth to a quarter of an inch from the front of the cartridge, with a bit of practice but you don't use the drill and put the needle to the syringe 5 CC of ink into the hole and then put what you do just to slow down when you do this, or a mess so I guarantee you will be very carefully knedhangami you It begins to drip holes sucking again see the essence back out with a syringe 1cc and do all the cartridges in this way.

for you need to reset this printer Epson T0711 use the tools for reset it, you can download the software from here Epson Chip Resetter for Epson Cartridges with chipsEpson T0711 Need reset Or How to Fix problem

Getting Msg Epson 2400 Service required

Well if your monitor saying Warning for Epson 2400 Service required, this maybe the printer need to reset by default couse of over print. you can fix by resetting the machine. use software from epsone to reset it. dont worry Epson 2400 Service required will not back appear. on latest release i have read thos tools for reset is ability to work with additional reset device, also support for CX4600, CX5300 ,CX5100 ,RX420 ,RX425 , RX620 ,R1800

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

HP C7280 Ink System Failure

Here are the details. Got the Ink System Failure message. The error code shows was '0xc18a0005'. The tech had me press and hold the '*' key on the key pad, then press the '#' key and release them both. Then he had me enter '123' to enter maintenance mode. He then had me press the right arrow (beside the OK button) until System Config. menu appeared on panel. Then pressed OK two times to clear the error condition, then cancel two or three times to return to the top menu. Then powered off and back on, printed a test page just fine, copied a document fine.

Upgrade the PX734 NIC F/W

1. Connect the printer via USB and run the program HostIF.exe
2. Select Connection>If Connection>USB, the printer name should appear (C5600/C5800)
3. Select File Management>Block Transmission>Fileselection and load PJL_p0401_w0401_cA100_aA102.bin
4. Select transmission and the file will be sent to the printer.
5. LCD will display “Data Arrive” then “FW Loading”. The LCD will eventually return to “ON_LINE”.
6. Power cycle the printer.

How to turn off toner page counting on the OKI C5400n

1) Turn off printer.
2) Turn on printer, while holding the + and - buttons.
3) The LCD Shows 'OKI User', Scroll to "Engine Diag Mode", hit enter. The display shows "Diag Mode 01.02.02 S-Mode"
4) Scroll to Eng Param Set 2, Hit Enter.
5) Scroll to Toner Sensor(it may be the first one), hit enter, Change setting to "Disable"
6) To set the "Disable" setting you need to press the ONLINE, CANCEL and - Buttons at the same time, pressing ONLINE first.
7) Press the Back Button.
8) Turn off the Printer, Leave for 10 seconds, and Turn back on, as normal.

Oki c9300n drum resetting

1 - Power ON printer while holding both the + & - buttons until “OKIUSER” message apear in LCD.
2) Press + or – button until “ENGINE DIAG MODE” is displayed;
3) Press "ENTER", will be displayed "DIAGNOSTIC MODE XX.XX.XX S-MODE"
4) Press + or – button until “NV-RAM INITIAL” is displayed
5) Press "ENTER" again;
6) Will appear "TABLE 1" message;
7) Press "ENTER" until "EXECUTING RESET" message appear. the "NV-RAM INITIAL" message will BLINK...
This procedure reset TONER, DRUM, FUSER and BELT...
8) power OFF printer, wait 10 sec, and power ON again... =)

To access Service Mode in C9300 power ON printer with 0, 1, 6, 7 at same time.

Toner life reset HL-4040 CN printer

After seeing the hitting the buttons with the door open tricks for different models I tried anything that sounded like it had the same buttons my 4040 has... nothing on here worked so I just started hitting combinations of buttons with the door open - wow there are quite a few hidden menus there

For the toner life reset menu:
1 Open the front cover of the printer
2 press and hold the cancel button
3 press the reprint button while still holding cancel
- here is the reset menu - go to the appropriate cartridge on
- the menu and reset it and you're done!
FYI... Pressing the "Go" button and the up arrow gives you the parts life reset menu (drum, laser, fuser, etc.)

Brother 7820n cartridge low toner

here is what I did and it worked just fine.

1. Open front cover
2. Press Start
3. push buttons 1 and 0 (for 10)
4. It says Accepted.
5. The printer printed beautifully afterward.

Brother MFC 9440CN Toner Life End Message

Reading further, I became convinced that a reset process similar to that used to solve this problem for the Brother 2040 and 7420 models was also required here.With nothing more to go on than responses to my emails from the good people (knuckleheads) at Brother telling me only how to install a new cartridge, I began poking around on my own 'till, after much swearing and gnashing of teeth, I figured it out:

Brother toner cartridge low toner override

There is a "flag gear" that, it seems, slowly turns (counterclockwise) as the toner cartridge is used, which finally hits a stop that appears to force the toner light on and prevent printing even if there is toner left. I have a TN550 cartridge which was refusing to print, and indeed the gear was at the stopping point. To reset the gear, take the cartridge out. On the gear side take off 2 screws, the flag gear (on the tn550) is the black gear on top right side, with a small spring underneath. Just take it off and reset it (rotate clockwise) so it is not at the stopping point.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Epson Stylus Photo R300 Service required. Parts are at end of service life

Epson Stylus Photo R300 Service required. Parts are at end of service life
Follow this step hope helpfully Turn off the printer. Then hold down 3 buttons simultanelously for 5+ seconds and the printer will come on and reset itself. The 3 buttons are either the power, low ink, and stop button, or the power, OK, and stop button. I do not recall exactly, but one of those combinations will reset the printer!

Canon i550 Service Error 5100 Reset Procedure

Canon i550 Service Error 5100 Reset Procedure1. Hold RESUME then press & hold POWER
2. release RESUME, then press it twice, the light should go amber then green again.
3. you're now in service mode (you can release POWER now)
I think waste tank reset is 4 presses of the RESUME button. To confirm, press POWER once.

Ink System Failure on HP Photosmart C6180

Ink System Failure on HP Photosmart C6180
this is the step if you got Ink System Failure on HP Photosmart C6180
1. Unplug the printer and wait 30 seconds for power to discharge.
2. Plug in the printer.
3. Hold the CANCEL and OK buttons simultaneously, and keep them depressed while you hit the ON button. This resets the printer.
4. When the printer turns on, if you still get the error message, it's OK. Then perform the steps listed above, starting with pressing the * and # key.
5. After you perform the steps listed above, when you are at the step at the end where you are pressing the cancel button until you get to the WELCOME screen, if at some point you see a message, “Inproper shutdown, hit OK”, go ahead and hit OK and the Welcome screen should appear.

Error Displaying On Samsung SCX-4300

Error Displaying On Samsung SCX-4300
may need you know It must be "1.13fix" not "1.13"! Let's start again. To solve problem you need to download PATCHED by scx4300.exe 1.13 firmware where additional reset procedure was implemented in. To patch firmware you need to unpack archive in an folder then open commad line interface go to this folder then type "fix4300.exe

Unable to clean 46 on Brother Dcp 130c

Unable to clean 46 on Brother Dcp 130c
here's the step for fixing your Brother Dcp 130c
1. Pres 'menu', 'mono start' then 'menu' one by one...
2. Press the arrow up or down to go to 'maintenance 80'.
3. Press 'mono start' several times to go to 'Purge'. Finding the PURGE will show some numeric value which is I assume the number of times the printer had cleaned.
4. Press 'arrow up' key and scroll for number "2" then press "set".Do the same for numbers 7, 8 and 3.

Printer Driver Canon image CLASS MF3010

free drivers for Canon imageCLASS MF3010

this post i share about Printer Driver Canon image CLASS MF3010 in this page you will found where to download the software for your printer. i know the machine may annoying if there no working when you need it

How to Reset Canon MX700

How to Reset Canon MX700

1. With the power OFF, Hold down the Resume and then press AND HOLD THE POWER BUTTON BUT DO NOT RELEASE IT.
2. Then release the RESUME button and continue to hold down the Power button.
3. Now press the RESUME button 2 times and then release the power button.

Canon pixma MX700 5 step process to basically shut down the Canon ink Monitor

Canon pixma MX700 5 step process to basically shut down the Canon ink Monitor
To start the process you have to wait till the ink monitor says the ink cart is very low and then after more use it will come back with a warning the the ink is empty and it wants you to replace that ink cart. So then you take out that exact ink cart, modify it for refilling and refill it and put it back in the printer. The printer logic will detect the ink cart and tell you one more time that it is empty and give you the option to continue to print and it will warn you that you will void your warranty if you refill the ink cart and continue to print. This is the start of the 5 step process. To contine you have to acknowledge that you understand but that you want to continue printing with this ink cart. Canon makes you press the "RESET/RESUME" button to acknowledge what you want to do. Then it says the only way for you to continue is to disable the Canon Ink Monitor function, (Since they don't want to be responsible for monitoring your cheap dirty rotten

Download Canon PIXMA iP4920 Printer Driver

Download Canon PIXMA iP4920 Printer Driver
confused searching for driver for your printer? now you found here driver for Canon PIXMA iP4920 Satisfy download here to get unbound drivers for Canon PIXMA iP4920. Thanks for your downloading, gratify tell me substance by netmail if you pauperism another software.

Download Brother MFC-9320CW Printer Driver

Brother MFC-9320CW
Your Brother MFC-9320CW Printer Utility To establish the Brother MFC-9320CW Race Laser Multifunction Property Machine driver, download the version of the wood that corresponds to your operating system by clicking on the appropriate channel above. A pane should then demonstration up asking you where you would suchlike to save the file. Book the driver enter somewhere on your machine where you give be easily healthy to make it, specified as your desktop.

Friday, January 6, 2012

How to reset Epson CX3900 Epson CX4900

How to reset Epson CX3900 Epson CX4900
In general there are two ways to reset the printer brand craft made of any kind, i.e. by manual and automatic way by using software resetter. In this article we will discuss on how to reset the printer and Epson CX3900 Epson CX4900 automatically using additional software.

How to reset canon ip1980

how to reset canon ip1980
may you had a problem with Canon Pixma ip1980? this is some guide if you try for fixing the printer The steps to reset Canon IP 1980 are as follows:

Press the Power button and then the AC cable to the connector plug and let finger from power button then Press the Power button again to turn on the printer
Open the iptool exe program.