Friday, January 6, 2012

How to reset Epson CX3900 Epson CX4900

How to reset Epson CX3900 Epson CX4900
In general there are two ways to reset the printer brand craft made of any kind, i.e. by manual and automatic way by using software resetter. In this article we will discuss on how to reset the printer and Epson CX3900 Epson CX4900 automatically using additional software.

There are actually two software that can be used to reset the pronter Epson CX3900 Epson CX4900 i.e. use and adjustment of the program and use the SSC Sorftware. This time we will only discuss about how to reset using the Adjustment program. How to reset using the SSC Software on Epson printer and Epson CX4900 CX3900 can you find in other articles on this blog.

Here are the steps-steps:

Download adjustment software, for Epson CX3900 Epson CX4900 here
Change the date settings on your computer to January 23, 2007
Extract and run the Adjustment programs by clicking on the file "AdjProg .exe" then click on ACCEPT
Click the adjustment mode, OK
Select the waste ink counter and double click to run it
Clean the printer counter by clicking the button "Initialization"
Turn off your printer and restart, and you will return to normal printer
download here