Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Brother toner cartridge low toner override

There is a "flag gear" that, it seems, slowly turns (counterclockwise) as the toner cartridge is used, which finally hits a stop that appears to force the toner light on and prevent printing even if there is toner left. I have a TN550 cartridge which was refusing to print, and indeed the gear was at the stopping point. To reset the gear, take the cartridge out. On the gear side take off 2 screws, the flag gear (on the tn550) is the black gear on top right side, with a small spring underneath. Just take it off and reset it (rotate clockwise) so it is not at the stopping point.

I did not reset it all the way because there was some indication in other postings that it controls certain voltages that depend on the toner level. I assume my toner is actually getting pretty low so I just turned the gear back a little bit, and the toner light turned off, and the printer prints. download it here