Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to turn off toner page counting on the OKI C5400n

1) Turn off printer.
2) Turn on printer, while holding the + and - buttons.
3) The LCD Shows 'OKI User', Scroll to "Engine Diag Mode", hit enter. The display shows "Diag Mode 01.02.02 S-Mode"
4) Scroll to Eng Param Set 2, Hit Enter.
5) Scroll to Toner Sensor(it may be the first one), hit enter, Change setting to "Disable"
6) To set the "Disable" setting you need to press the ONLINE, CANCEL and - Buttons at the same time, pressing ONLINE first.
7) Press the Back Button.
8) Turn off the Printer, Leave for 10 seconds, and Turn back on, as normal.