Monday, October 22, 2012

Getting Msg Epson 2400 Service required

Well if your monitor saying Warning for Epson 2400 Service required, this maybe the printer need to reset by default couse of over print. you can fix by resetting the machine. use software from epsone to reset it. dont worry Epson 2400 Service required will not back appear. on latest release i have read thos tools for reset is ability to work with additional reset device, also support for CX4600, CX5300 ,CX5100 ,RX420 ,RX425 , RX620 ,R1800

more great by using this tools can :
- improved support for almost all other printers
- improved ink freezer
- improved ink monitor, implemented status information
- protection counter reset improvements
- various bug fixes

so dont wait until late, just download the SSC Service Utility here and run it. hope this will solve your printer problem