Monday, December 2, 2013


After the head cleaning your printer can not nge-print? The power button and the button stays on continuously aka Blinking error. Do not blame anyone! Thats because the protection counter that is to save your printer, meaning the protection counter tells you that the ink waste in the holding tank is full.

If only these counters Protection does not tell you it will continue to discharge the ink tank is filled when doing the head cleaning and flood management to your printer and your printer probably will be completely destroyed. So due to this printer is not working and shelter must be in clean tank / emptied first. After that you must reset the protection counter with the help of special software.
Too bad the software to reset the counter of his protection was not provided in the sales package printer.
Software to reset the protection counter you can get.

Here is how to use the Software Resetter Canon i350, Pixus350i, i355, i250, i255.

Before using the Software Resetter Canon i350, Pixus350i, i355, i250, i255, make sure the printer drivers that will advance the reset has been installed, and make sure that the USB printer is installed properly.

One. How to make a normal printer (reset temporary)

• Remove the power cable.

• Press the power button on the printer, replace the power cable (with power) without releasing the pressure on the power button on the printer.

• Press the reset button (below the power button) as much as two times (do not release the power button first).

• Release the pressure on the power of the printer. Wait until the green light and not blinking.

• The printer has NORMAL again (for a while, and will come back blink when the power cable / power off / removed.)

2. To run the program. (Reset permanent)

• Ensure Software Resetter Canon i350, Pixus350i, i355, i250, i255 you already have and are on your computer, if not you can find HERE.

• Put as many as three sheets of paper for the TEST PRINT

• Open the Folder Software Resetter Canon i350, Pixus350i, i355, i250, i255 are there on your computer and open the files General Tool.

• Select USB USB PORT on the menu on the right above. (Point 1)

• Check / click on the column EEPRsaya CLEAR. (Point 2)

• On the SET DESTINATION Menu, click and select the i350 or i355 or i250 or Pixus350i or i255 according to the type of printer that will be reset. (Point 3)

• In the menu select PRINT TEST TEST PATTERN 1. (Point4)

• In the menu select PRINT TEST TEST PATTERN 2. (Point5)

• Once completed print test results, turn off the printer and unplug the power cable to the storage reset the printer EEPRsaya data to the printer

• Replace the power cable and turn on the printer. Wait until the printer finished initialing and the printer does not blink again

Sunday, December 1, 2013

HP Laserjet 4000 and 4050 series service mode

1 Hold down [Select] and [Cancel Job] while turning on the printer until all of the lights on the Control Panel are lit. (If the Control Panel reads INITIALIZING, the keys were released too soon.)
2 Press the right side of the [Menu] key, then press [Select]. The message SERVICE MODE is displayed.
3. Press [Menus] once to display SERVICE MENU.
4. Once it says SERVICE MENU press ITEM to scroll through service mode items.
5. To exit the Service Mode press [Go].

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Resetter Epson Stylus CX6500 and CX6600

This article to answer question of Herman, (How to reset Epson stylus CX6500). I see some manual reset method on other website. Other methods to reset Epson CX6500 that is using SSC service utility (the latest version support Epson CX6500) and using Adjustment program Epson CX6500 (this software can be used for Epson CX6300, Epson CX6400 and Epson CX6600).
Manual reset for Epson CX6500
I not yet tried this method:
  • Press and hold B/W+COLOR+STOP button.
  • Press power button, don’t release all button until you see the led indicator blinking and a message display on the LCD.
  • Release the button.
  • Press COLOR button to clear protection counter
  • Turn off the printer by pressing power button.
  • DONE!
Resetting Epson Stylus CX6500/CX6600 using SSC Service utility:
Before resetting the printer using SSC Serve, the printer Epson CX6500 must be installed correctly:
  • Turn on the printer.
  • Run SSCLG software (latest version is 4.30) and set to Epson stylus CX6500/CX6600.
  • Right click SSC icon in the systray select protection counter and the reset protection counter.
  • Turn off the printer and turn on again.
  • If you see the printer is normal again mean you have succeeded repairing the printer.
Download link and how to using SSC software for Epson please read other article on this blog.
Resetting Using Adjustment program Epson CX6500
To run Adjustment program Epson CX6500 no need date setting.
  • Download and extract the software.
  • Go to extracted folder and run the software by clicking “SCX6x_Ver20.exe” file.
  • Set model name to Stylus CX6500 then click Ok.
  • Select waste ink pad counter then click ok.
  • Click initialization to reset the counter to zero.
  • Turn off the printer and turn on again.
Adjustment program Epson CX6500 can be Download here

Friday, November 29, 2013

MP390 Waste ink tank full

this is the sequence that worked, and do not worry about the pad, it is a sponge that you can take it out gently yourself, wash it and put it back, no soap or squiz it. do not need to open the printer to do it, can take it out from where you replace the ink tanks.

1)Printer on, press Additional Functions, Scan, Copy, Scan
Now you should be in service mode from there for waste ink tank reset it is simalar to what has already been posted

2)Select Test mode which is like the last avalabe selection
3)Select #8 Printer Test, it will do something here like cleaning or something then it will come up with some other option this is where it gets a bit confusing cause now all it says is like 8-2 or 8-3 push the + or - button until it says 8-3 then hit the select button

The menu will now say EEPRON Clear
Select Ink count which is option (0) and press set

Then press Stop/Reset Followed by the power button and then wait for it to restart.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Canon pixma MX700 links Flashed

1) Disconnect the printers power outlet
2) Press and hold the power button while connecting the power outlet back.
3) While still holding down the power button, press the reset button twice.(red circle with a triangle)
4) Release the power button
The printer takes about 10 seconds to show the number 1 (factory mode)
5) Open the printer cover cover (not the scanner cover) and just loosen the cartridges. With the printer still open, disconnect the power outlet.
6) Close the lid and turn on the printer.
7) You will no longer get the ink low warning.If you check the ink status
it will show that the cartridge is full !!! THe ink level has been reset successfully.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Epson Stylus TX700W Printer Driver and Resetter

a. Epson Stylus TX700W Printer Driver is installed first, and make sure that the printer is connect to the computer
b. Make sure you have the "Software Resetter Printer Epson Stylus TX700W"
c. Make sure that the damages requested in the printer reset counter (usually a red flame of the lamp on the printer all)
Here is a tutorial resetter Epson Stylus TX700W:
One. Prepare the Epson Stylus TX700W Adjustment Software on your computer
2. If the software is compressed, the software used to extract his resetter Epson TX700W
3. Turn on the Printer
4. Open the folder resetter Epson Stylus Photo TX700W Adjprog.exe you and run the file.
5. Click Accept
6. Click Particular adjustment mode menu entry to reset the counter printeradjustment Epson tx700w
7. Find and click the Consumables menu maintenance counters, and then click OK
8. Put a check in the Main countre and Platen pad pad counters, and then click Check to find out the counter value at the time of blinking, and Ok to continue

Click initialization to change / reset the printer counter becomes zero, so the printer to be normal again. Then click OK to continue
9. Click Finish to end the process of resetting the counter Epson TX700W
10. Click Previous to return to main menu
11. Click Quit to exit the program counter reset Epson TX700W
12th. Reset waste ink counter Epson TX700W already done, turn off the printer for a while, then restart the printer, and wait until the printer calibration is completed

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

HP LaserJet 1320 and 4000

If you can do a mid-print test it may help you decide what is going on with the printer. It is easy to do:

Press the green button and wait to hear the printer pick up the paper. Wait approximately three seconds and open the toner door, this will stop the printer in "mid-print". The test print should be laying in the printer directly under the toner cartridge.

Look at the print on the paper: Is it faded? (Yes)
Look at the print on the image drum of the toner cartridge: Is it dark? (Yes)

You problem has to do with the transfer roller. Replace/clean it.

This is what I think you are going to find, however, it the results are different, let us know and we will go from many varibles to go into here.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Driver Download for Epson L210 INK TANK SYSTEM PRINTER

Driver Download for Epson L210 INK TANK SYSTEM PRINTER 

Epson L210

Compatibility and System Requirements : 

- Windows 8
- Windows 7
- Windows 7 (x64)
- Windows Vista
- Windows Vista (x64)
- Windows XP

Epson L210 Driver
Source direct Download link

Product name L210 Series
Language English, French, Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Finnish, Turkish, Greek, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Russian, Arabic, Catalan, Slovak, Chinese, Kazakh, Korean, Thai, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified)
OS Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Version Ver. 1.51(10-2012)
File name L210_x86_151UsHomeExportAsiaML_MP2.exe
File size 20.18 MB


Product name L210 Series, L350 Series
Language English, French, Dutch, Swedish, Czech, Danish, German, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Finnish, Turkish, Greek, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Russian, Arabic, Catalan, Slovak, Chinese, Korean, Ukrainian, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese (Brazil)
OS Windows XP, Windows x64, Windows Vista, Windows Vista x64, Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8, Windows 8 x64
Version Ver.
File name L210_WW_WIN_3791_41.exe
File size 19.81 MB


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Driver Download for Epson Stylus NX430 Driver

Driver Download for Epson Stylus NX430 Driver

Epson Stylus NX430
- File name : epson14860.exe
- File Size : 100.3 MB
- Version : v6.92 
- Release Date : 11/06/12

Compatibility and System Requirements : 

- Windows 7- Windows 7 (x64)
- Windows Vista
- Windows Vista (x64)
- Windows XP
Epson Stylus NX430 Driver
Source direct link


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Download resetter adjprog exe for Epson T11 T13 T30 T33 T50 and T60

FIX PRINTER ERROR "parts inside printer end service life, waste ink pad counter overflow error"

Download resetter for Epson T11, T30, T33, T50 and T60

Resetter program for Epson T11, Epson T30, Epson T33, Epson T50 and Epson T60 printers.
All software resetter functions only to reset waste ink counter.

1)Waste Ink Pad Counter Reset Software Resetter Epson T11 (work also with Epson T10)

The Methods how to Reset Epson T10 T11
To run to the program, DO NOT click directly to adjprog.exe, click to Loader.exe. 
Otherwise program doesnt work.

download Resetter Epson T30
2)Waste Ink Pad Counter Reset Software Resetter Epson T13 

1. Make sure the printer driver is installed correctly.
2. Turn off your anti virus software first,resetter is no need to change the date. 
3. Run the program resetter.
Thats Done.

3)Waste Ink Pad Counter Reset Software Resetter Epson T50-EEE
download Resetter Epson T50-EHK
download Resetter Epson T50-ETT

4)Waste Ink Pad Counter Reset Software Resetter Epson T60

The Methods how to Reset Epson T60:
1. Connect the printer to the computer,turn on printer.
2. change the computer date to (10/07/2007.)
3. Turn “AdjProg.exe”.
4. click “Accept”.
5. click “Particular adjustment mode”.
6. Then choose Waste Ink pad Counter OK.
7. click button “Check”, till process finish.
8. click button “Initialization” click “Finish”.
9. Power off printer, then turn on .
now its done.Enjoy.


Friday, November 22, 2013

How to Reset waste ink pad counter overflow error for Epson L200 printer

How to Reset waste ink pad counter overflow error for Epson L200 printer

Reset waste ink pad counter overflow error for Epson L200 printer

FIX PRINTER ERROR "parts inside printer end service life, waste ink pad counter overflow error" 

Resetter of Epson L200 printer and How to Use it :

Reset tool of epson L200 can be downloaded at the following link Ziddu: (size 3.26 MB)
Extract using unzip program.

Do steps:1
Turn on Epson L200 and make sure that Espon L200 printer is connect to the computer.
Then run Reset tool AdjProg.exe, by double clicking the file "AdjProg.exe"

Do Step:2 
Click "accept" Next "Particular Adjustment Mode" Then Select "Waste ink pad counter reset"
Next click "Check" Then uncheck "play pad counters, FL Boxes counter, tube Ink Counter", then click the "initialization" Then "Finish".

Do Step:3 
Turn off the Epson L200 printer, then disconnect the power of the printer.

Do Step:4
Reattach the power cord and turn on the printer, wait a while until Epson L200 ready.
Now Epson L200 is ready for use again.


Thursday, November 21, 2013

How to reset the protection counter of Epson TX600FW Resetter

   Epson TX600FW Adjustment Program

FIX PRINTER ERROR "parts inside printer end service life, waste ink pad counter overflow error"

Please follow the steps below to reset the protection counter effectively.

  1. Double click AdjProg.exe.
  2. Click “Accept” button.
  3. Click "Select" button. and select your printer model then click "OK"
  4. Click “Particular adjustment mode” button.
  5. Select on “Waste ink pad counter” and click “OK” button.
  6. Click on “Initialization” button and the program will reset the protection counter.
  7. Turn off the printer as a program instructed then turn on again.
  8. Click “Finish” button. and its done!
Warning: You might end up with ink leaking out of the printer if you dont either replace the waste ink pad or install external waste bin.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How To Reset purge counter for Brother MFC J265W

How To To reset the purge counter of Brother MFC-J265W:
Unplug the power cable.
Hold down the "Start" button.
Without release the "Start" button, connect the power cable.
When "Maintenance" appears on the screen, release the "Start" button.
Enter 80 with the numerical keypad.
With down button go to the purge counter: "Purge00xxx"
Enter 2783 with the numerical keypad.
Press on "Stop/Exit" to go back in Maintenance mode
Enter 9 and 9 to quit the Maintenance mode.

This solution is available for these Brothers printers too:
MFC-210C, MFC-215C, MFC-235C, MFC-260C, MFC-240C, MFC-250C, MFC-255CW, MFC-295CN, MFC-297C
MFC-3240C, MFC-3340CN, MFC-3342C, MFC-3360C
MFC-410CN, MFC-420CN, MFC-425CN, MFC-440CN, MFC-465CN, MFC-490CW
MFC-5440CN, MFC-5840CN, MFC-5460CN, MFC-5860CN, MFC-5490CN, MFC-5890CN, MFC-5895CW,
MFC-620CN, MFC-640CN, MFC-640CW, MFC-660CN, MFC-665CW, MFC-680CN, MFC-6490CW, MFC-6890CDW
MFC-820CW, MFC-845CW, MFC-885CW, 
MFC-J220, MFC-J265W
MFC-J410, MFC-J415W, MFC-J430W
MFC-J615W, MFC-J625DW, MFC-J6510DW, MFC-J6710D, MFC-J6710DW, MFC-J6910DW, 


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Resetter Epson CX6900

Epson Stylus CX6900 is multifunction Epson printer and this printer can be used as scanner, copier and fax machine. This printer using uses Four-colour dye-based inks type. The cartridge used on this printer is the black ink type T0731 (black) and colour ink cartridges type T0732(Cyan), T0733 (Magenta), and T0734 (Yellow). Epson CX6900 also support for Mac  and windows operating system.
Other features Epson stylus CX6900, this printer can print up to 15 ppm in black text and 13 ppm in colour text. It comes with the resolution of 5760 x 1440 dpi and allowing photo quality printing. It uses maximum true borderless printing on A4 size paper with 85 sheets input capacity and has an USB port .
Epson CX6900
Adjustment Program or Resetter Epson CX6900
Like most Epson printer type. Epson CX6900 need adjustment program to reset the waste ink counter. I found adjustment software from indoreset yahoo groups. The software uploaded by manny_chengjr (Philippines).  The adjustment program Epson CX6900 look like adjustment program epson CX5500.
Possibility procedure reset of Epson CX6900 is same as reset method Epson CX5500. Here is the link for the adjustment program Epson CX6900. Download Epson CX6900f adjustment Click this Link:

Monday, November 18, 2013

Resetting Instructions for Canon Printers using Service Tool Software Resetter

Generally, Canon resetter programs have similar resetting procedure except for some models. So that successful resetting canon printers using service tool all file attributes of software resetter should not be read only and don’t run the software from CD. There are two version of general tool for canon printer that is with lock release button and do not have Lock Release button.
For resetter with Lock Release button (found inside the executable file)

  1. Run generaltool.exe or the application or executable file.
  2. Select USB port of the printer to be reset.
  3. Click lock release button.
  4. IN Select Destination option, select the printer model.
  5. In Test Print option, select EEPRsaya clear.
  6. Prepare a paper and then click test pattern 1 under Test Print option.
  7. Turn off the printer and turn on again.
For resetter which do not have Lock Release button

  1. Run generaltool.exe or the application or executable file.
  2. Select USB port of the printer to be reset.
  3. In Select Destination option, select the printer model.
  4. In Test Print option, select EEPRsaya clear.
  5. Prepare a paper and then click test pattern 1 under Test Print option.
  6. finish it

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Free Download HP LaserJet 4345 Printer Service Manual

How To OEM Fuser (Fixing) Assembly 

for all HP LaserJet 4345mfp series printers

Troubleshooting problems with your HP printer?
Get your free service manual & solve it Easily !

Free Download HP LaserJet 4345 Printer Service Manual here.


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Epson T series and TX series Problem About Adjustment Program

if you find adjustment program for epson T series and Epson TX series. You can see a lot adjustment program available on internet for this epson series, but none of them work. If you run the software, the adjustment not response. Why? I got information from someone, Adjustment program for epson T series and TX series is locked by ASI file.
What is ASI file? ASI file can be created by using “ASI make” tool from epson. The ASI file must be send to epson Autorithy Sevice Center to get download link adjustment program Epson T series and TX series which can be run in your computer.
Then adjutment program can not be run with following conditions
  • IF you upgrade your computer
  • Reinstall your OS
The solutions you must resend the ASI file and get new download link for this epson.
I hope epson give freely the tool for help the customer.

Friday, November 15, 2013

E Books How to Refill Toner Cartridge and Inkjet Cartridge

If the cartridge (for inkjet printer)  or toner (for toner printer) in the printer empty or almost empty usually everyone also ask “How to refill my printer cartridge?”. On this e-books you can find out the answer for the question. Maybe this ebbok the only  ebbok that privide complete tutorial how to refill almost all toner cartridge or inkjet cartridges
Several printer types that mentioned in this ebook tutorial that is Brother, Canon, Compaq, Dell, Digital, Epson, Hewlett Packard (HP), Lexmark, Okidata, Pitney Bowes, Sharp, Xerox cartridges. If you having priner service station or you are home user you must download this useful ebook because in this contain complete tutorial to refill printer cartridges.
All tutorial on this e-book has completed with the picture so it will make the user can follow the tutorial “how to refill printer cartridges” in this e-book. The e-book tutorial is produced by, If you want to download the e-book you can download from following link (I hope this ebook will helpful and useful for you):
Download ebook Tutorial how to refill inkjet cartridges (for inkjet printer types)
Download ebook Tutorial how to refill toner cartridges (for laser printer types)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Resetter Epson T20 – Adjustment Program Epson T20

Here info download link for Resetter Epson T20 or Adjustment Program Epson T20. Maybe this info is useful for  everyone who require resetter epson T20E or adjustment program epson T20E. On the the software has include with the tutorial how to reset counter Epson T20 in PDF file.
Epson T20 is amazing printer with super quality and long lasting print, this printer using 4 color inket printer cartridge. This printer using Epson 73 and &#N for standard ink cartidges and it also can uses epson 91/91N cartridge type for long cost printing.
Here Screen-shot of the resetter epson T20
Use the information provided at your own risk. We cannot guarantee that problems resulting this software.
Here the download link for resetter T20 or adjustment program T20 in mediafire: Adjustment T20 by OrTHoTaMiNe.rar

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How to Reset Canon Pixma MP198

FIX PRINTER ERROR "parts inside printer end service life, waste ink pad counter overflow error"
If your printer show E08 error it means that your ink absorber inside the printer is almost full. In order to solve this you need to clear or reset the counter protection of your printer. To do this, follow this steps.

First make sure that the power cable and usb cable are connected, before you perform the reset procedure. And download the resetter at the bottom of this post.

FIRST STEPS:  Entering Service Mode
You have to enter in service mode in order to used the resetter. To do that follow this procedure,

1. Turn off the printer without pulling the power cords.
2. Hold down STOP/RESET button and press Power button.
3. Keep holding down Power button and let STOP/RESET button go.
4. Then Press STOP/RESET button twice then let BOTH buttons go.
5. You will notice that the Alternate Blinking error is gone, this means that the printer is in Service Mode state.

SECOND STEPS: Using the Resetter

1. After you download the resetter, extract it and double click "PCMediks_ServiceTools.exe"
2. Click Reload Button and you will get a new USB port.
3. Load some papers in your printer and press the "Main" Button once, wait until the printing is done.
4. Then press "EEPRsaya Clear" button to clear EEPRsaya.
5. Then press EEPRsaya button and the printer will print some text.
6. Then power off the printer(sometimes you have to press twice the power button to turn off) and turn on again. and its done!
Warning: Getting rid of the error message won’t change that you might end up with ink leaking out of the printer if you don’t either replace or clean them.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Adjustment Program Epson TX400 and SX400 series

This one again Software resetter for Epson TX series cracked by OrTHoTaMiNe. If you have Printer Epson Stylus TX400 download the Adjustment Program Epson TX400 and SX400 series. To run this Adjustment Program Epson TX400 or Resetter Epson TX400 you can click loader.exe, don’t click AdjProg.exe. if any Error when run the Software resetter Epson TX400 try to change date setting in your Computer to Januari 31, 2009 and try again running the adjustment.
Intruction Reset Waste Pad Counter for TX400 and SX400 series
  • Run the software, Click Accept
    adjustment program epson tx400
  • Click “Particular adjustment mode” button.
    adjustment program epson tx400 1
  • Select “Waste Ink pad counter”, double click to execute it or click Ok.
    adjustment program epson tx400 2
  • Click Check to view the counter status. Click Initialization button to reset the counter then click Accept/Ok.
    adjustment program epson tx400 3
Download adjustment program Epson TX400 or Software resetter Epson TX400 series from following link:
or Download from mediafire: resetter epson TX400

Monday, November 11, 2013

How to Refill Epson T0781 T0782 T0783 T0784 T0785 T0786 Ink Jet Cartridges

Our how-to guide shows the easy fill process of the T-0781, T-0782, T-0783, T-0784, T-0785 & T-0786 ink jet cartridges. Also covers information about the ARC (auto-reset chips) and refilling information.Instructions on Filling & Refilling Epson Compatible T781, T0782, T0783, T0784, T0785 & T0786 ink jet cartridges with ARC (auto-reset chips).

The refillable cartridges for T0781, T0782, T0783, T0784, T0785 & T0786 contain an auto-reset chip. Once ink level falls to a predetermined level the chip automatically resets to near full capacity.Cartridges have a 10+ml capacity per cartridge.

cartridge EpsonThese cartridges are of a 2 plug design, but not pressure filled as previous 2P cartridges were.One plug is used as a fill hole while the other is a vent plug. The image on the right shows the two plug locations.
Epson CartridgeFilling & Refilling:

  • Remove clear rubber fill hole plug
  • Fill injector with desired color ink.
  • Insert injector needle into cartridge Slowly inject ink. Make sure you do not push needle all the way to the hub (yellow plastic portion of needle.) Inject ink slowly
  • When completed injecting ink replace original clear fill hole plug.
That is it. Cartridge has now been filled and is ready for use.Though the image to the right shows the cartridge laying on it side this is not recommended. It was taken this way to show the ink in the cartridge. Always keep cartridge upright.

Before attempting to use any cartridge make sure you have ALL cartridges filled.Cartridges do not work independently. The printer will show an error message of only one – five refillable cartridges are installed.

Replace any cartridges already in the printer with a complete set of refillable cartridges.
Once all cartridge have been inserted remove the vent hole plug from the cartridge.The vent hole plug is the color plug. On the image to the right the two leftmost cartridge plugs have been removed.

After removing all six plugs hit the ink cartridge button.Printer will begin to run an initial cartridge prime, the same as when any new cartridge is installed.After prime has been completed run a print test.

Important Information

As with the OEM cartridges, refillable cartridges may not appear on the Epson Print Status window at all times. (image on right). If you open your printer properties window you can see the current status of the ink levels.(image on left of picture). This usually only occurs when running multiple print job without breaks in between.

Once a break in the print occurs your ink level will appear in the Print Status window once again.The ink level not appearing in the Status window is not an aftermarket related issue, but a printer related issue. This occurs on both OEM cartridges as well as aftermarket.

Never install less than 6 refillable cartridges at one time. Printer will not recognize the Epson cartridges when one of the refillable are installed.

Cartridge Chip auto-reset

These cartridges will reset automatically. There is no hitting cartridge change button or turning printer on and off required. Cartridge will all auto-reset at same time. It is advised that all cartridges be refilled at this time to prevent any cartridge running out of ink.Some cartridge may contain a good deal more ink than others depending on the first cartridge that requires reset. In most cases this is black. (under testing of 5 sets using of cartridges on 1 each R260, R380 & RX580).


After initial fill when you are ready to refill return allplugs back to cartridge. Remove cartridges from printer and repeat fill process. There is no difference in refill from the initial fill.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Free Download HP Color LaserJet 1600 Series printer Service Manual

Fixing Faded Prints with HP Colour LaserJet 1600 Series printer

Troubleshooting problems with your HP printer?
Get your free service manual & solve it Easily !

Free Download HP Color LaserJet 1600 Series printer Service Manual here.


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Adjusment Program Epson C58 dan C79

you can download Adjusment Program Epson C58 dan C79 Adjustment C58 and 

Adjustment C79


Friday, October 25, 2013

Brother MFC J6910DW Ebook brochures

Brother MFC-J6910DW
Here’s a printers Brother MFC-J6910DW Ebook brochures that really means business. You can print, copy, scan and fax up to an impressive A3 size – with up to A3 double-sided printing and A4 double-sided copying and scanning to help you save paper and time. It’s fast too, with a 12/10 images per minute mono/colour print speed saving you valuable time. Add in other features such as an automatic document feeder and big 500-sheet paper tray for less refilling, the latest wireless N technology for easier sharing and cost-saving XL ink cartridge option (lasting up to an incredible 2400 pages), and it’s easy to see what an invaluable business tool the MFC-J6910DW is. download

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Error 6A00 on Canon PIXMA MP800

The 6A00 is a Canon generic code for paper path jam. Some where in the paper path a sensor is activated indicating paper jam so the printer will give off a 6A00 code. As a Canon tech, I usually find the code, almost 90% of the time, is related to the purge unit being jammed with something and not being able to move. Moving the print head assembly will not clear a purge unit if its jammed with paper, paper clips, push pins, screws, cookie crisp, flower bud pods or the like. And yes I have found all those things in a purge unit. The offending item needs to be removed or the purge unit needs replacement. A Pixma MP830 would still be under Canon warranty, get it into a shop and save yourself the hassel.

Incidently, the 6A00 error pertains to all Canon printers made in the last several years, its not just used in one model. And its always a paper path error or purge unit.
I forget myself so here goes, the purge unit, called a spittoon assembly in an HP, lexmark, and other inkjet printers, is where the print head assembly parks when not in use, also its other job is to clean and make sure the print head is clean and open for printing. That is why youll find the print head assembly parked on top of it. It also has a an electrical pump to milk the print heads and test for ink flow.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lanier 5613

I had never heard of Lanier until I joined this company. I had always worked with the big boys, HP, Xerox and Brother. I didn’t realize Lanier was part of Ricoh, who I had heard of until much later, when I actually read the user manual for the 5613 which we had.

The Lanier 5613 is quite a different setup. The most popular multifunctions have a printer, copier, scanner and fax. This one has a copier and fax, with the printer as an option. Then a further option of a networked printer. I guess if an office doesn’t print that much this would be the ideal choice, and this office doesn’t print that much, but I was under the impression the copier used a combination of the printer and scanner mechanisms.

Size-wise the 5613 is about the same size as other desktop multifunctions. It has an automatic document feeder on the top which can hold around 50 pages. Lift the lid and you can see the glass or ‘platen’ for the copier.

The control panel is pretty straightforward. Most of the buttons are for the fax, so if you only have the copier version the panel should be small indeed. There is a small grey LCD screen that shows you what’s going on, how many copies, size and all the other bits of information. For the fax side, there is a full telephone keypad on the right and buttons for redial, phone book and all the other standard functions.

Copy quality is good at 600 dpi. It can make 13 copies per minute and they all come out the same quality. Text is best, but the copier can easily handle images and photos too. We produce a lot of graphs, which means a lot of shading and a lot of straight lines. The Lanier copier handles them all with ease.

The fax we have is a Super G3, which is the quickest as far as I know. It can send a standard sized page in about 3 seconds, and has enough memory for hundreds of incoming faxes. There is also a built-in hard drive which can handle secure faxes, or copying to or from a file. We don’t use it often, but it flies when we need it to.

The Lanier 5613 is a good piece of office equipment. It isn’t the typical setup but don’t hold that against it. What it does, it does well and hasn’t let us down in the two years I have been working here.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Ricoh Aficio MP C2800 MP C3300 configuration page

To print a configuration page from a Ricoh MP C2800 or C3300 with printing capability:

- Press User Tools/Counter
- Select Printer Features
- Select Configuration Page

The config page contains a lot of information about the printer, including page counts, network settings, and installed options.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Copystar CS 5530

The Copystar CS-5530 is a heavyweight laser copier aimed at the business market. Marketed as a high volume copier that can handle up to 225,000 copies per month, which should be enough for almost any environment.

Setup of the CS-5530 is about as quick and easy as it gets as the vendor should install if for you. This is a complex, fully featured machine so won’t really be suitable for users to install. The standard paper supply is handled by a pair of 550 sheet drawers, a 2500 sheet paper deck and a 100 sheet multi-purpose tray.

Copy quality is very good, certainly good enough for commercial use. The 600 dpi print driver produces text that is crisp and black, and at 55 pages per minute is no slouch either. Images and graphics are just as well rendered, with nice details on photographs, good filling on graphs and accurate representations of photographs.

Present are all the standard features a copier should have, like resizing options, multiple copies as well as the functions to change the tone and brightness of the output. There is a simple control panel with buttons for each function and a large touch screen LCD which makes managing the machine as easy as can be. Copying single or multiple documents is simple with either the platen or automatic document feeder. We ran almost 3000 pages through the feeder and it didn’t jam once.

Replacement toner is will set you back around $50. Seeing as it will last a good 30,000 pages, that isn’t bad. So that kind of toner life, coupled with the large paper handling capacity means there isn’t much you need to do to keep the CS-5530 running.

The option to add networking, a variety of paper finishers, another multifunction tray, hard drive, barcode reader and scanner, network scanning and extra memory, this is truly an extensible device. With options like these, even if the business changes, the copier can change with you.

The CS-5530 is a solid copier that will serve you well, whatever you throw at it. Built to perform and built to last, this copier is a great investment for the busy office. Good quality, fast copying with intelligent design and longevity in mind.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Ricoh Aficio SP C430DN SP C431DN configuration page

To print a configuration page from a C430DN or C431DN:

- Press the Menu button
- Scroll down to "List/Test Print"
- Press the OK button
- Scroll down to "Config. Page"
- Press OK

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Brother MFC 7225N

For businesses who want to have a machine that provides excellent quality printouts, scans and offers great faxing, the Brother MFC-7225N has everything they want. This is a laser machine offering a compact range of features for home and office use. This 5 in 1 compact product offers reliability, speed and affordability, plus a range of functions that can satisfy the demands of the most demanding user.

Although this machine is monochrome, the quality it provides is unparalleled by most other products of the same price point. It is a popular product with users who have little space to accommodate separate machines for printing, faxing, scanning and copying. Being affordable, you can get this multifunction device and put it in a corner somewhere and leave it to work.

Besides being a multi functional machine for domestic, commercial or office purposes, the Brother MFC-7225N is Energy Star compliant and certified for windows vista software. The certification rates this product environmentally friendly and means that it complies with strict guidelines about power use when on standby and doesn’t use excessive amounts of power when working.

With such a huge range of positives attached to it, it’s hard to fault. It is a bit noisy, but nothing outrageous. The print quality is good enough for most uses, and is quick enough for even the most time-starved office.

Print quality is good, especially with text. The edges appear clean and crisp with good filling. Scans are the same as it uses the same print driver. Images took a little longer to process but came out acceptably. Certainly good enough for general office use anyway.

With minimal usage of toner, Energy Star compliance, low purchase price the average cost of running the printer is far below that of its competitors. The Brother MFC-7225N is the perfect machine for you as it offers reliability, affordability and efficiency all through a single chassis. Multifunctions are becoming more popular as the quality of the output improves. Industry leaders like Brother are partly responsible for this, and with products like this hitting the market it’s no surprise.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Brother MFC 7225N page count

To see the page count for a Brother MFC-7225N:

- Press the Menu/Set button
- Press 6 for Machine Info.
- Press 2 for Page Counter

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pitney Bowes IM 3510

The Pitney Bowes IM3510 is an attractive prospect for the mid-sized business, with a good set of features that covers most bases. Priced to compete in a competitive market, it does perform well, and is worth the investment.

While there are many mono laser multifunction’s on the market, they don’t come as well specified as the IM3510. Not every business has the need for full-color printing, so this is an excellent alternative. It can handle printing, scanning, copying and faxing, and performs them all with ease.

There are three ways of connecting the device, USB, Ethernet and parallel. The USB option is the easiest to set up, but offers slower transfer speeds than Ethernet. Networking the printer was simple, with it appearing on the network soon after switching it on.

The control panel is well designed and simple to operate. There are large buttons that allow you to select copy, scan and fax and the bright gray LCD shows you what you’re doing, and what’s going on.

The output quality is good, with documents coming out at 45 pages per minute at up to 1200 dpi. The text was excellent on all our tests with crisp edges and no jagged edges. Grayscale was evenly spread and images was very good overall. Scans were of a good quality, but the software is a little thin on options. It has everything you need to get started but none of the value-add options of some of the other manufacturers.

The fax is standard, offering good print quality matched with a decent turn of speed. There is the usual speed-dials, memory functions, fax broadcast, fax from desktop and secure faxing features, as well as a full dialing keypad on the control panel.

Paper is held in a couple of 250 sheet capacity drawers at the front, with the option of adding more. Toner can be changed quickly with only a panel to remove. Replacement cartridges can produce 25,000 pages, which is excellent considering they can be had for less than $50.

For mid-sized workgroups who need a multifunction device will do well to consider the IM3510. It’s stuffed full of features and produces documents of a standard suitable for almost any situation. The consumables are available and affordable enough to make the cost of owning one economical enough to be attractive to many organizations.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Canon ImageRunner 2800

This four-in-one machine is ideal for home use as well as small and large offices. This printer, copier, fax machine and scanner offers a decent set of features at the best quality for the price.

The Canon Image Runner 2800 provides black and white printing and its maximum speed is 28 pages per minute. Its copier offers a copy ratio from 255 to 8005. Its best resolution is 1200 dpi which is favorable for both office and home uses. Its first copy time is only 5.8 seconds from cold, and it has a maximum sheet capacity of 50 sheets which isn’t a lot but it also contains an automatic document feeder which covers up this shortcoming.

Its maximum media size is up to 4 x 17 in. Its fax transmission speed is as fast as 3 second/ page at a speed of 33.3k. It even has duplex printing options while its monthly duty cycle goes up to 100,000 pages, which is more than enough for most business needs.

This multifunctional machine is easy to carry as it does not have a huge weight. It is also favorable because of its limited size as it does not require a large space to put it in. The drum unit and the toner are both included inside this machine therefore no extra space is required to put them and there are not internal complications due to their placement.

The machine is easy to use and easily set up. The set up only requires the installing of the cartridges which is clearly shown in the manuals. The setting up of its connection with a PC is as simple as a few clicks on the mouse and this job hardly takes a few minutes. It is also simple to use as it does not have any complicated buttons and procedures to get it going. All the buttons are clearly labeled and therefore can be easily understood for their functions.

Even though this multi functional machine carries an extended number of functions, it still is not noisier than the other machines of the same type. It is completely silent when in standby mode and when in use, it only creates a slight noise, which is not disturbing. It hardly ever is jammed during its use and it rarely malfunctions if used properly.

All-in-all, this is an ideal machine for the small office. Its features might be a little too much for a home office, but it’s small enough to fit if you wanted one.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ricoh Aficio 550 650 configuration page

To print a configuration page from a Ricoh 550 or 650 with printing capability:

- Press the User Tools/Counter button
- Select Printer Features
- Select the List Print tab
- Select Configuration

Monday, October 14, 2013

HP LaserJet P2015 supplies status page

On the LaserJet P2015, the supplies status page prints out along with the configuration page (and network configuration page, if the printer is networked).  To print these pages, hold down the Go button (the green button on top of the printer) for about five seconds, then let it go.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

2009 KIA Forte manual and maintenance Guide

KIA Forte is a compact car manufactured from mid-2008, replaces the KIA Cerato series. KIA Forte series is not available in Europe, its available in two-door coupe, a four-door sedan, 5-door hatchback Variant. KIA Forte comes with 5 different types of engines, such as: 1.6 l gamma I4 (petrol), 1.6 l gamma I4 (LPG hybrid), 1.6 L CRDi VGT I4 (t/c diesel), 2.0 l Theta II I4 (petrol), 2.4 l Theta II I4 (petrol). 2009 KIA Forte guide provides information on the management and maintenance of the KIA Forte as well as several tracks and tips at availaing features and controls inside the Forte.

Table of content:

-Your vehicle at a glance
-The security characteristics of the vehicle
-The function of your vehicle
-Driving a vehicle
-What to do in case of emergency
-Specification: information for consumers

Download the pdf User Manual:
http://www.Kia. CA/Content/Owners/OwnersManual/MY10_Forte_EN.PDF


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ricoh Aficio MP C2051 MP C2551 page count

To see the color and black & white page counts for a C2051 or C2551:

- Press the User Tools/Counter button.
- Touch Counter on the screen.

If you want a hardcopy of the page counts, touch Print and then press the Start button.

This method of viewing the page count only shows the separate color and black & white totals; it does not list the copiers total page count.  To see the total page count, you can print out a configuration page.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Dell 2130cn

The Dell 2130cn is a high quality colored laser printer with quite an affordable price. It is black in color, is square in shape and has a little depression at the top where there is a paper-out tray. It also has an LCD display and buttons in the front to control the menu and cancel a print job when required.
The Dell 2130cn consists of a number of features which increases its value. Its text printing quality is commendable and graphic printing also gives good results. The quality of colored photos are not as good when compared to an inkjet printer but that is the case with all laser printers so reviews about the photos are still ranked highly.

It is user friendly and prints at a fast rate of 16 colored pages per minute and 20 black pages per minute. This speed is actually pretty good as compared to other colored laser printers in the same price range. It can fit up to 250 pages in the input tray and 150 pages in the output tray. It may not be perfect but it’s certainly a great product for its price. Along with the printer two kinds of ports are provided - Ethernet and USB and through the USB adapter it can also be connected to a wireless network.

It has a very simplified networking system which will enable users easy printer sharing options. The design and shape of the printer is not made just to impress the users but it actually offers good features and is said to be best for use in a small business or amongst a few people.

In order to help the user to manage supplies dell 2130cn provides an integrated Dell toner management system. Dell is perhaps the first producer of such colored printers which lets you print in black when the colored cartridge gets empty. You can generally purchase the Dell replacement toner online as the most efficient way of ordering it. This printer is installed with such technology that while printing it uses the least possible energy hence it is both environmentally friendly and it conserves your resources. Another important feature is the Emulsion Aggregation Technology which arranges the pixels closer to each other giving a more precise image.

The Dell 2130cn is guaranteed to be reliable. It gives a look to your professional documents and has upgrading options which make them even more presentable.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Brother MFC 7220

Space is often precious when working from home or in a small office. That’s why multifunction devices are so popular. You can get the features of four different office machines into one reasonably sized chassis, saving space, money, power and time.

The Brother MFC-7220 is one such device, it is a monochrome printer, copier, scanner and fax all in one. It is ideal for the sole trader, small office or workgroup and performs admirably in all situations.

The printing function is one of quality. It can produce prints up to a resolution of 1200 x 600 dpi at a rate of 20 pages per minute. The first page is delivered within 10 seconds of pressing print too, which is impressive. The print quality is excellent, with text showing as sharp, with crisp, clean edges and good fill. Images are accurate and clear, with the shading even and without any obvious bleeding.

Scanning can be done at a native 200 x 400 dpi, with interpolated taking it up to 1200 x 1200 dpi. There is an inbuilt document viewer, to enable you to check and edit before scanning and the software package includes tools to scan straight to document, pdf or email.

Copying reproduction is as accurate as printing and at the same speed. There are also the usual resizing, sorting and stacking functions, and it can copy up to 99 duplicates at a time.

The fax is fully featured, producing clear faxes each time. There is a 20 page document feeder on the top and enough memory to store up to 500 pages of transmissions if you run out of paper. There is also the function to send faxes to and from the desktop if the MFC-7220 is networked.

The starter toner is good for 1500 pages, and replacements will go to 2500. A new drum will cost around $58 but will easily last for 20000 pages or more. Seeing as this is aimed at the lower volume user, running costs should be minimal, even for a laser printer. All consumables are readily available from online retailers like who offer much better prices than the manufacturer.

As a multifunction device, the MFC-7220 is a winner. It delivers on every level, is cheap to own and run, with a reasonable cost per page. It doesn’t take up too much office real estate and is pretty quiet when working. This is one device that a home worker would find easy to live with.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bizhub C360 C280 C220 Security Option

Konica Minolta has introduced a new functionality to it C360/ C280/ C220 series color machines. With this option installed any unwanted document can be prohibited from printing or copying. A special kit can be installed to enable this security option. There are two types of restrictions you may use:
Copy guard:
This function prints a document and embeds a Copy Guard pattern in a copy. You may print a preset stamp such as Confidential, Prohibited etc. But first you need to scan and save the protected document in the machine memory. In case an attempt is made to copy the protected documents, machine compares the pattern with the saved data and discards the currently running job.
Password Copy:
This function is similar to copy guard except that it prints a document and embeds a password for Password Copy.  If an attempt is made to copy password-copied documents, the machine that supports this function scans a Password Copy pattern and prompts you to enter the password. When the correct password is entered, copying will begin. If a wrong password in entered, the current job will be deleted. This function is able to prevent unauthorized copying of documents, such as read-only documents. If multiple originals with different passwords are scanned, you will need to enter a password for each original.
Konica Minolta is providing the optional security Kit SC-507 to implement Password Copy and Copy Guard.


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

HP LaserJet 2420 configuration page

HP LaserJet 2420 configuration page
To print a configuration page from a LaserJet 2420:

- Press the Select button (the green button with the check mark on it).
- Press the down arrow button once.  "INFORMATION" will be displayed on the screen.
- Press Select.
- Press the down arrow button one more time.  "PRINT CONFIGURATION" will be displayed.
- Press Select.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Printer copier and fax machine user manual links

Most copier and printer manufacturers make PDF versions of their products user manuals available online, in case yours didnt come with a manual or it got lost somehow.  Below are links to find manuals for different brands of copiers, printers, and fax machines.

- Brother
- Canon
- Dell
- HP
- Konica Minolta
- Kyocera
- Lexmark
- Océ
- Oki
- Okidata
- Panasonic
- Pitney Bowes
- Ricoh
- Samsung
- Sharp
- Source Technologies
- Toshiba
- Xerox

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Brother HL 2270DW User Manual Repair Guide

Brother HL-2270DW User Manual Repair Guide
The following manual provides detailed information regarding product overview, description, specifications, features, as well as user guide, operating instruction, setting, setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting procedures for the Brother HL-2270DW printer series.

This Brother HL-2270DW manual is divided into sections as follow:

Printing Methods
Driver and Software
Control Panel
Routine Maintenance, this include: replacing consumable items and cleaning.
Troubleshooting, this section discuss: identifying your problem, error messages in the status monitor, paper handling, paper jams and how to clear them, improving print quality, solving print problems, network problems, and other problems.
Index download here

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Free Canon PIXMA MP460 Photo All In One Inkjet Printers

Free Canon PIXMA MP460 Photo All-In-One Inkjet Printers
Free Canon PIXMA MP460 Photo All-In-One Inkjet Printers feature : High document: Precision ink nozzles create sopranino determination photos-up to 4800 x 1200 form dpi. Delicately discourse: Atomlike 2-picoliter ninepenny ink droplets display delicately careful photos. Advertizing, then indicant: Before writing, advertisement and superfine line your images using the 1.9" ornament LCD show. Click-Connect-Print: Meet seizure an person with a PictBridge-ready digital camera/DV camcorder, then join and impress! download

Friday, October 4, 2013

Kyocera FS C5030n Review


Finding the best printer for your printing needs can be overwhelming, especially if you have little or no knowledge of manufacturer types and printer options.  Fortunately, Kyocera makes choosing the right color laser printer for your home or office easy with its line of quality printers.  Whether you are an individual heavy-user or a large business needing to print thousands of pages per day, the Kyocera FS-C5030n is one printer that is built with your needs in mind. 


The Kyocera FS-C5030n is built for those who need to print a lot.  How much is a lot, you might ask? Try 100,000 pages per month.  With a maximum duty cycle of one hundred thousand pages per month, you can rest assured that this printer can handle a job of any magnitude.  This is the equivalent of printing about 3,333 pages per day for 30 days straight!  Not only does this printer run circles around the others in terms of durability, but it is also built to be extremely fast.  Other printers differ in the rate of speed at which they can print depending on whether documents are printed in color or in black and white but somehow the FS-C5030n manages to print both types equally fast.  At 24 pages per minute in both color and in black and white, this printer will have you struggling to keep up with it.  Another comforting feature of the FS-C5030n is its standard 2-year warranty.  It is always nice to know that a company stands by its product and a long warranty is a good indication that the product is built to last a long time. 


The Kyocera FS-C5030n is not a perfect printer and does have some faults.  The biggest problem with this printer is that it does not come with standard duplex printing.  What this means is that you are not able to print on both sides of paper but can only print on one side.  Kyocera does offer duplex functionality but it comes as a paid upgrade only.  This is a real disappointment as most environments require and rely on double-sided printing.  This is a real deal-killer and Kyocera should consider offering it by default in the future.  In addition to the lack of default duplex printing, the Kyocera FS-C5030n also has a lower paper capacity than other models.  With a paper capacity of only 500 sheets in its tray, users may find themselves having to restock paper more often than they would like.