Monday, September 30, 2013

Xerox ColorQube 8900 configuration page

The configuration page or configuration report that you can print from a ColorQube 8900 is packed with information.  Youll find basic printer data like the machines name and serial number, hardware information such as amount of memory and type of finisher, and very detailed information about network and security settings.

To print the configuration report:

- Press the Machine Status button.
- On the touch screen, select the Machine Information tab.
- Select Information Pages.
- Select Configuration Report.
- Select Print.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Brother MFC 8300 configuration page

To print a config page, or user settings page, from a Brother MFC-8300 printer:

- Press the Function button
- Press 1 for FAX
- Presss 7 for PRINT REPORTS
- Press 5 for USER SETTINGS

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Brother HL 5470DW page count

To view the total page count for an HL-5470DW printer:

- Press the up or down arrow from the ready or sleep screen.
- "Machine Info." should be displayed; press OK.
- Scroll down until "Page Count" is displayed.
- Press OK.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Sharp AR 405

If your copying needs can go up to 160,000 copied sheets per month and you don’t want to waste much time every time you initiate a copying session, then the Sharp AR-405 is the right copier for you.

This photocopying machine comes in a sleek design which is measured to be 11” x 17”. It can take media as small as 5.5” x 8.5” and go all the way to a max of 11” x 17”. The speed in which this machine operates is really good, as all you need to do is define the number of pages you want to print and watch the copier take in sheets and produce copies at 40 copies per minute.

The copier will automatically take as many pages as your copying job requires from two 500-sheet cassettes. The 50-sheet bypass tray can be used for copying on transparencies, envelopes, cards and other media. Plus, an automatic duplex mechanism is standard, so you can print on both sides of different media. As for the quality of the copies, the copied output is quite clear as the machine prints with a 600 dpi resolution.

When starting the copier for the first time, the machine needs about 75 seconds to warm up, but this a small once-a-day inconvenience. Once it is ready and prepared for copying, you will have to wait about 4.5 seconds tops in order to print the first copy of any job. Still, once that is out, thanks to its scan once-print many mechanism, this photocopying machine will speed up and even go all the way to printing 999 copies in one go.

Aside from that, the Sharp AR-405 copier comes with a touch LCD screen that guides users through the copying process so that even those new to the machine can copy with ease. As for the cartridge used, a toner cartridge which can print up to 22,000 pages and has average 5% coverage is used. This adds more value to your purchase because toner is powder-like ink, so you won’t need to worry about it drying up like regular ink, thus improving the economy of the unit.

Sharp has always been spoiling its users with quality machines, and the Sharp AR-405 is one of the good copiers you can buy for your business’ copying needs, its economy coupled with its great results for both printing, copying and scanning makes it a true office workhorse.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to print In Linux

On UNIX/Linux systems you have the choice, which software you like to use to print out your documents. Four programs are introduced now, which you can take to use CUPS quite comfortably.

You have to decide which of it fits best to you and your purposes. 


XPP is a little print panel for the X Window system that gives you the opportunity to use all the features of your printer very comfortably as long as they are supported by CUPS.
It can be downloaded at
In order to use XPP from a given application you just have to use the xpp instead of the lpr/lpd command. Just type in xpp and you can choose a printer and its options.

QTCUPS is a full functional print panel based on the qt-library.
It gives you the opportunity to adjust the settings of your printer for
every print out, like XPP and glp do.
QTCUPS is open source software and you can download it from:

ESP Print Pro (glp

ESP Print Pro provides a little graphical tool as print panel, called glp. It gives you the opportunity to make print specific settings for every print out. You have to have ESP Print Pro installed to use it! You can start glp with the following command:


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Color LaserJet CP4020/4520 series Cold reset

Configuration page (please wait at least ten minutes after cold reset!)
Press Home button
Use the arrow keys until display shows INFORMATION
Press OK button
Use the arrow keys until display shows PRINT CONFIGURATION
Press OK button

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Source Technologies ST9630 configuration page

To print a config page (called a "menu settings page") from an ST9630 printer:

- Press the Menus button
- Scroll down to "Reports"
- Press the check mark button
- The first option displayed will be "Menu Settings Page" -- press the check mark button

If you just want to see a network configuration page, rather than all of the device settings, you can select the "Network Setup Page" from the Reports menu instead of the "Menu Settings Page."

Monday, September 23, 2013

Ricoh Aficio 1022 1027 page count

To see the page count for a Ricoh 1022 or 1027, press the User Tools/Counter button on the copiers operation panel, then select Counter from the touch screen.  The total page count will be displayed on the screen.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Ricoh Aficio 2051

The Ricoh Aficio 2051 is a multifunction color printer which comes in very handy for the high speed, high demand businesses of today. It is ideal for companies where there are large amounts of electronic and hard copy information needed to be processed every single day. Users will no longer need to worry about how the huge amount of work will be handled as they will have the Ricoh Aficio 2051 to take care of all of their essential business needs.

Businesses will also no longer need to spend hours on end producing, filing, retrieving, protecting and sharing information as this unit will take care of all of them in a professional and timely manner. This unit helps to streamline all business activities while keeping in mind productivity gains and cost savings. This new and powerful document platform is able to output quick document sharing, high quality prints and copies, wonderful and finely finished documents and a document security management system unparalleled in other comparable models. It is loaded with solutions to streamline processes in a workforce to increase productivity and save time.

The Ricoh Aficio 2051 is a copy machine with a speed of up to 51 pages per minute in black and white and has the options of printing and scanning. It has the speed of scanning documents at up to 75 pages per minute and the machine warms up in only thirty seconds. It also comes with the feature of double sided copies which is duplex printing and an automatic document feeder.

It comes with networking options which can be either added or upgraded whenever needed by the user. This unit has impressive finishing options where the user is able to complete booklets with a sturdy cover and take care of chapter separation too. No other office system provides such a wide variety of finishing options than the Ricoh Aficio 2051. It has a maximum capacity of 8300 sheets so users don’t need to worry about running out of paper and even if they do, they can soon add more without interrupting operations of the machine.

The software that comes with this machine is the Web Image Monitor, which takes care of document management, central device configuration and user access management with the help of a web browser. Then there is also the DeskTopBinder V2 Lite which is a document portal used for archiving, retrieval and compilation of separate files of different formats in to single documents. This unit is also completely environmental friendly as it uses all toxic free materials and low energy toner production.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

All in One Printers

"All in One Printers" or "multifunction printers" have become extremely popular over the last several years. These printers generally include copying and scanning functions, as well as sending and receiving faxes in some cases. Some of the newer models also include photo printing capabilities, with digital memory card readers and preview screens built right into the printer. All-in-Ones usually come in two popular combinations: those that provide printing, scanning, and copying, and those that also include a fax capability. The best strategy is to identify what is most important to you and then get a model that is strong in that area. A typical MFP may act as a combination of some or all of the following devices:
* Printer
* Scanner
* Photocopier
* Fax
* E-mail

Smaller multifunction printers offer the print, copy and scan capabilities for an affordable price and the fax feature is added on machines that cost a bit more. Larger desktop and floor models have those features plus networking, USB capabilities so you can print directly from a memory stick, Optical Recognition software so you can scan documents and turn them directly into a standard computer file, a hard drive that can store documents plus so much more. The quality of print also differs depending upon the machine with the low-quality print costing less than the higher-quality print.


Multifunction printers come in inkjet, laser or color laser models. Inkjet models tend to cost much less than the laser ones and supply a higher quality print for graphics or photos. The laser style is better for high-quantity printing and print much faster than the inkjet.


It used to be that scanning pages from a book or any bound document was either impossible or quite a chore, but thats no longer the case. Many AiOs are built with flatbed technology, which is similar to what photocopiers use: a piece of glass on which you place your original document. You can also choose flatbed scanners that accommodate oversized pages.


Fax or facsimile is a telecommunication for sending and receiving documents through telephone lines. MFP devices include this functionality which raises its capability. With the ability to fax built in to your printer/scanner/copier unit, you dont need a separate machine. And when you add flatbed technology, you can fax pages from a book. Some AiOs even send and receive faxes in color!

An All-in-One delivers multiple functions-printing, faxing, scanning, and copying-providing you with a complete office solution in one compact device. The benefits are pretty obvious: They cost less than several stand-alone devices, take up less space, and use less energy than separate units. Plus, their special features can boost your productivity and efficiency.
At last Production Printing MFP are large freestanding expensive units which dont include advanced networking features like the smaller version but instead concentrate on functionalities like high speed, high quality output, finishing includes book making with cover insertion. They often divide in two segment, light and heavy printing production which factor of speed differentiate them. By the way, all multifunction peripherals divide by factor of speed (pages per minute=PPM) into different segments.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Samsung SMX C24BN XAA manual

Ultra compact camcorder Samsung SMX-C24BN/XAA is your right choice to start the challenge for recording video with the results of the same quality on TV. It has 10 x optical zoom, 1200x digital zoom with widescreen LCD. Comes with the size of the LCD 2.7 inches, width of 1.3 cm, height 2.2 inches and the depth of 4.3 inches. This camera is also equipped with 16 GB internal memory with external storage media you will use SD and SDHC

media storage, and storage of sorts is Flash memory, you can use the USB as an interface to the pc. Samsung SMX-C24BN/XAA is that the normal definition of a record produced by any other options, 720 x 480 resolution, sensor 1/6? CCD, color black, video: Composite, rechargeable battery Li-ion battery included, include a battery charger and compressed JPEG format. and many options, which are simply from your video camera Samsung SMX-C24BN/XAA, menus from samsung.

Download Manual camera Samsung SMX-C24BN/XAA


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Ricoh Aficio SP 4110

To print a configuration page from the SP 4110:

- Press the Menu button.
- Press the down arrow until "List/Test Print" is displayed on the screen.
- Press Enter to select it.
- Scroll down until "Config. Page" is displayed.
- Press Enter.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Lexmark C530

The Lexmark C530dn is a fast, high quality color laser printer that is ideally suited for any small or home office with high volume printing requirements. For a reasonable price you get a network ready printer with a built-in automatic duplexer for double–sided printing.

Lexmark are a big noise in the office equipment market, with some of the best in class devices carrying their name. Noted particularly for their inkjets, the company has been making big strides into the laser market recently. They have also been making great strides in the “greenness” of their devices. They have reduced the power consumption, the materials used, the recycling of old toner and less packaging. This adds a lot of green credentials to what is already a decent printer.

The C530dn is taller than it is wide thanks to the vertical stacking of the toner. It is still a decent sized unit though, weighing in at 26Kg. The control panel is basic but does what you need it to do. There is a four line grayscale LCD screen surrounded by 8 function buttons which control all facets of its capability. It has a 250 sheet paper tray and a 100 sheet multipurpose feeder which can fold out if necessary. The output matches the at 250 sheets, with no room to expand any of the capacities.

Connection-wise you have the option of parallel, USB and network. The network option is always the quickest to use, but can take the longest to configure. There is also the option of going wireless too which adds a lot of freedom to a small office. One less set of cables to worry about.

The color laser printer market is a convoluted one, containing many different manufacturers and different specifications. The C530dn is rated highly across the board, cost of ownership, speed and print quality are all up there with the best of them which is testament to Lexmark manufacturing standards. Monochrome printing is achieved at around the 17 page per minute marks, while color appeared at a rate of 15 pages per minute.

Overall the C530dn is a great “little” printer. It isn’t as modular as many others, but the memory and networking options add a lot of freedom. The built-in duplexer is also a great addition to the field and will win many fans among small businesses.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Secure Shell or SSH

Secure Shell or SSH is a point-to-point tunneling protocol that is designed to pass encrypted traffic between two specific hosts. Along with tunneling traffic at the presentation layer, SSH also can provide application layer functionality, including a login shell similar to telnet (over the encrypted tunnel), and FTP-type services. The sftp system is an implementation of an FTP-like protocol over SSH. Used primarily on Linux and Unix based systems to access shell accounts, SSH was designed as a replacement for TELNET and other insecure remote shells, which send information, notably passwords, in plaintext, leaving them open for interception.
The SSH protocol addresses each of the basic security concepts.
SSH uses public-key cryptography to authenticate the remote computer and allow the remote computer to authenticate the user, if necessary. Note that SSH is a protocol that can be used for many applications. Some of the applications may require features that are only available or compatible with specific SSH clients or servers. For example, using the SSH protocol to implement a VPN is possible, but presently only with the OpenSSH server and client implementation.
Confidentiality: Each SSH connection is encrypted, preventing an eavesdropper from viewing information. For added security, SSH periodically reexchanges keys to ensure that a compromise of one set of keys does not compromise the entire session. In contrast, CTCP, IPsec, and IPv6 only exchange keys at the beginning of the connection.
Authentication: Before establishing a connection, the client must authenticate the server and the server must authenticate the client. Client authentication can be any combination of certificates (keys), passwords, or digital tokens. Although SSH is usually used with one-part authentication (a password or a key), it can support two- and three-part authentication systems. The server only uses a certificate to authenticate with the client.
Authorization: SSH limits the traffic that can enter the tunnel and can restrict how data exits the tunnel. For remote login access, SSH restricts authorization to the user’s login privileges.
Integrity: SSH uses encryption and cryptographic checksums to validate each packet. Any packet that fails an integrity check is viewed as an attack, which terminates the connection.
Nonrepudiation: Each packet is cryptographically signed using an HMAC, ensuring that the data actually came from the sender. SSH has three primary uses: establish a secure network tunnel, provide a VPN with port-forwarding characteristics, and supply application-layer login functionality.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Epson FX 2190N Impact Printer C11C526001NT Manual

Epson FX-2190N Impact Printer C11C526001NT Manual
Epson FX-2190N Outcome Printer C11C526001NT with an impressive have set and extraordinary enduringness, the Epson FX-2190N offers the flexibleness required for dangerous regular pic requirements. Muscular yet smooth to use, this 9-pin, wide-carriage sumpter boasts an MTBF assessment of 20,000 power-on-hours (POH) and speeds of up to 680 cps.

An extremely tried, high-value performer, the Epson FX-2190N provides Antiparallel, USB, and further connectivity options for unlined combining. Includes an internal 10 / 100 Base-TX Ethernet create computer. Write Computer supports Windows® 3.x / 95 / 98 / Me / NT / 2000 / XP, Novell Netware, Linux and UNIX, Macintosh® OS 7.x or later/OS X. Novell tested and approved.get here

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Canon ImageRunner 550

Canon has done it again with the Canon ImageRunner 550. This new version of the ImageRunner is fast, efficient, effective, durable, sharp, long-lasting and can be used for either small projects or large industrial scale projects as well. This can be attested by the fact that it has a copying and printing speed of fifty five pages per minute coupled with plenty of expandability features. If you are in search of a printer that will waste not even a single minute during heavy duty printing and copying, the Canon ImageRunner 550 is the one for you.

The expandability of this great printer is further enhanced with other addition products which are inclusive of hardware such as a hole puncher, a stapler and so forth. Furthermore, it has a standard 2.1 GB Image Sever and features such as automatic image orientation, resident forms storage and much more which serve to upgrade its printing and copying functions. Another great feature of the Canon ImageRunner 550 is its Z folding feature available with a few upgrades. This feature folds brochures from papers perfectly so that you do not have to spend hours and hours doing tedious work yourself.

The Canon ImageRunner 550 has an automatic document feeder of one hundred sheet capacity ADF in addition to an automatic trayless duplexing which means that while this printer prints single sided documents with lightening speed it can also print and copy double sided documents with minimum lagging time in between prints. If you are looking for a printer that will allow more storage of paper for emergency bulk usage, the Canon ImageRunner 550 is ideal for you. With the additional three thousand five hundred sheet paper deck the paper storage capacity of this printer shoots up to seven thousand six hundred and fifty sheets!

We’ve gotten through the speed, paper and high quality of prints and copies this printer has to offer, but how much ink will this printer consume and what will its usage of cartridges and toners be? Canon ImageRunner 550 can go on printing for four thousand sheets with a super high yield toner cartridge and for an unbelievable three million impressions with a drum cartridge. Furthermore, once you activate this printer’s toner save mode, this statistics are known to rise to even greater heights.

Lastly but not the least, this massive and powerful machine has a warm up time of just thirty seconds.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sharp AR 337 page count

There are a couple of ways to see the page count on the AR-337 copier series.  The easiest way is to simply hold down the Copy button while the main copy screen is displayed, and the page count will be shown along the top of the screen.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Ricoh Aficio 3235c 3245c 3228c page count

To view the black and color page counts on a Ricoh 3235c, 3245c, or 3228c color copier:

- Press User Tools/Counter
- Select Counter

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Lexmark Optra T642

I have used the Lexmark Optra T642 for the past year or so when it was donated to me by my uncle. He knew I was setting up in business and wanted to help me in any way he could.

I have to be honest and say I wasn’t that impressed when I first saw the printer. It looked like a tall grey box with a silver control panel and didn’t look much at all. That attitude soon changed once I gave it something to do though.

It prints at 43 pages a minute, which is pretty good for something a couple of years old. Each print was good, really good. I tend to print brochures, booklets and other multi-page literature which are a mix of text, images and graphs. The T642 handles them all with an almost lazy ease. I used to have an old HP machine that seemed to struggle with anything that wasn’t text, but the T642 doesn’t even blink.

Not only does the rate at which they appear not change when a page is a photograph or image heavy, the print quality is excellent too. Some printers have a tendency to band around grayscale images where there is a lot of the same color. No such worries with the T642. It prints images without even blinking and the grayscale images are accurate and almost like their full color original. That’s important when you’re producing prints for other people, even if they are just proofs.

The control panel offers just about everything you need, there is the usual menu system with the circular button allowing you to navigate directionally around it. The other buttons are just start, cancel and things like that. You can also control everything from the driver panel on your PC so don’t have to stand in front of it if you don’t want to. The drivers are pretty complete. They are compatible with all operating systems, so worked with my Mac no problem.

The printer is USB so can’t be networked, which isn’t a problem for me as I only have the one machine, but might be for a busier office or something. It has upgradeable memory, which this one has apparently, the paper drawer holds 250 sheets of legal sized paper which is fed in at the bottom, up through the machine and out of the top facing forwards. The toner cartridges last forever, the standard one lasts 21000 pages, which is a few months for me. The high yield one lasts even longer at 32000 pages.

The T642 is a great printer, and well worth the money. The print quality is excellent, it’s quick and fairly quiet, works for me anyway.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Brother DCP 8065DN Review

This sleek multifunctional unit utilizes a unique extended flatbed design to compensate for large sheets of input data. The unit, though relatively expensive, also operates with decent print speeds, along with scan and copy functions.
The Brother DCP-8065DNs print resolution is higher than most and weighs in at 1200 x 1200 dots per inch. Though this MFC is exclusively a monochrome unit, black and white imagery, as well as text, will print with eye catching clarity.

Included memory is sufficient, at 32 MBs, and can further be upgraded to an incredible 544 MBs which would keep even full page print projects, along with mixed text and imagery, moving along at the devices optimal speed. A Parallel port and high speed USB 2.0 port are made available for single host PC connections, while an Ethernet port allows for office networking.

It would not be out of the question for the Brother DCP-8065DN to be considered for use as a stand alone copy machine, considering its 30 page per minute print speed and other beefed up features. One of the most interesting and unique elements to the is the printers hardware is the reversing capabilities of the built in automatic document feeder. With reversing, both sides of input material can be scanned with a single pass, automatically, while the duplex function allows for double sided output as well with no additional user interaction.

Both optical and interpolated scan resolutions are quite good, with optical scans topping out at 600 x 2400 dots per inch and optimized scanning at 19200 x 19200 dots per inch. Cool document viewer software is included standard with the package and includes Scansoft PaperPort SE with OCR for windows and Presto PageManager for Mac.

The Brother DCP-8065DNs warranty is also particularly outstanding with 3 full years instead of one, and a 2 year exchange policy. Scan formats compatible with the device are TIFF, BMP, MAX, JPG, and PDF, making it fairly versatile when attempting to customize ones scanning workload to ones needs.
The standard paper capacity for the Brother DCP-8065DN is composed of a 250 sheet paper tray and a 50 sheet multifunctional tray. For the price tag, this is slightly disappointing, though a single additional 250 sheet tray is available for purchase separately.

The only downside of the mushroom cloud shaped design of the Brother DCP-8065DN is the additional space the printer will occupy. With dimensions of 24.7 in. x 18.7 in. x 17.7 in. (W x D x H), the unit is slightly larger than its competition. Its weight of 35.9 pounds, however, is within acceptable limits.
Ink Toner Needs:
Utilizing a drum / toner cartridge combo, laser printing reduces overall cost per page significantly. In the case of the Brother DCP-8065DN, each toner cartridge can produce up to 7,000 pages of output and the drum can produce up to 25,000 pages per unit. Though the unit itself runs at a fairly high price tag, these high capacity toner cartridges are very affordable.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Savin SLP38c

The Savin SLP38c is a great laser printer that is ideal for heavy duty office and business work in demanding environments. It gained massive popularity in the market in a short span of time owing to its efficiency, speed, accuracy, high quality prints, state of the art technological features, additional supplies that further enhance its working, special printing and folding features, its affordable price and more. In addition to printing pages with minimum manual support, it prints at high resolutions with sharp and rich colors, accurate details and high speed.

The printing speeds of this printer are exceptionally high and are ideal for demanding and heavy duty work tasks. It is capable of printing up to 28 colored pages a minute and an average of 38 monochrome pages a minute. These speeds are quickly achieved after a small warm and start up delay and the lag time between printing of pages is also small. Its speed is coupled with a high resolution of 1200 dots per inch. Its paper holding capacity is also in sync with its aim of being an office working printer. It has 2 standard paper trays at the input site each of which can hold up to 500 sheets of paper at a time. In addition to this, there is an optional larger capacity tray that has enough space for as many as 2000 sheets of paper. This means that users will not have to worry about running out of paper during long printing tasks.

Out of the numerous additional features that the Savin SLP38c is built with, to upgrade its working and functionality, the SmartNetMonitor is particularly popular. This feature allows users to monitor all important statistics and information about the machine such as the system’s configuration, toner levels for both black and white and color toners, system status, paper supplies and more. When this smart feature is combined with the printer’s networking capabilities it decreases printing time, increases output, saves time and eliminates the risk of important data being lost. This is done by the machine shifting a particular printing task to other stations through fast networking so that it can be completed there in case the original station has crashed and so forth.

The Savin SLP38c not only prints material it also sorts and compiles it properly. By adding the optional finisher, users can take advantage of tasks such as stacking, sorting, stapling, hole punching and more.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sharp AR 163 page count

To see the page count for an AR-163 on the copiers display screen, press and hold the 0 (zero) button.  After a couple of seconds, the page count will be displayed, 3 digits at a time.  For example, if the page count is 432,192, "432" will be displayed, followed by "192."  These numbers will repeat until you let go of the button.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Samsung SCX 4725F 4 in 1 Multifunction Laser Printer

OVERVIEW:  Now days, most of the “all-in-one” printers in stores today don’t have “all” the features of the older generation ones. As printers have gotten smaller and sending scanned documents via e-mail has become acceptable for many businesses, the fax feature has been eliminated.  However, there are still times when you run across a client or a business that will only accept faxed documents. The Samsung SCX-4725F is a 4-in-1 printer that offers of monochrome laser printing, scanning, copying, and faxing.

After a 30 second warm-up, the SCX-4725F prints and copies at 24 pages per minute, with 10 second delays between print jobs. In operation the 4-in-1produces 53dB of sound and 35dB when idle. Think of 53dB as the sound of low conversations and 30 decibels as a quiet office.

The control panel on the SCX-4725F provides functions for the copier and fax including a programmable phone book list. A pass-through external phone jack on the back of the printer allows for plugging a telephone or an answering machine. If a fax comes in while the copier or printer is in use, 4MB of memory is reserved to store incoming faxes until the copying or printing is complete.

The SCX-4725F comes standard with a 250-sheet tray, capable of handling up to legal-size paper. The single-sheet multi-purpose tray can handle transparencies, labels, post cards, envelopes, 3” x 5” postcards up to 8½” x 14” legal paper of various bond weights.

At 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution in print mode, the SCX-4725F keeps text sharp--even at 6-point font sizes--and does a decent job with graphics. To keep from consuming too much toner, the printer has a 600 dpi resolution with a text-enhance or image-enhance switch.  The Toner Save feature allows for a 40% toner life increase while keeping images clear and readable.

USB 2.0 connections allow for direct computer connection. With the 32MB memory the printer can handle additional workloads if set up as a shared printer.

Understanding the printing needs of today’s businesses in providing support for the major software applications, Samsung has installed print emulators that should satisfy the most diverse office. Emulators include PostScript3, HP PCL6 and Samsungs own proprietary print language, SPL.

With all of the large memory and printer emulation support, it was a surprise to learn Samsung does not offer a network card option for the SCX-4725F.  As it is, a computer it’s connected to via the USB will have to be set up to share the printer and remain on during the time

If you think you’ll need a network all-in-one in the future, you might want to save your money and buy the network-enabled SCX-4725FN instead.

The monochrome toner that is included is only 50% full, which is something to remember before you decide on copying several hundred pages a shot. Available standard cartridges give an average yield of 3,000 pages.

Being a multi-purpose printer, one would expect the software to provide full functions for all the computer platforms Samsung claims it supports.  The software in the CD-ROM is primarily for Windows compatible machines. For Windows users, the SmartThru4 software provides the most features, supporting not only scanning and printing, but offering an advanced printing section that allows for booklet printing, creating a large poster mosaics, and watermarks.

The Linux software package is not included with the CD and has to be downloaded from Samsung’s website to support printer and scanning functions. The Linux Unified Driver Configurator software allows for scanned images to manipulated and edited.  For Macintosh users, the CD-ROM has a couple of basic drivers for printing and a TWAIN driver for scanning. There is no additional software support: you either must have a 3rd party application that manages scanners or use the Mac’s own Image Capture (only available on Mac OS 10.4.7 and higher).

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Brother MFC 7440N config page

The configuration page (called the "user settings list") for a Brother MFC-7440N gives a lot of details and information.  It shows the machines total page count, as well as a breakdown by function (fax, copy, print).  It also displays a graph of the amount of toner remaining, and the life left in the drum.  Youll also find all the usual data -- fax settings, IP address, serial number, etc.

To print the user settings list from a MFC-7440N:

- Press the Reports button.
- Press 5 for User Settings.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Xerox Workcentre 5632 page count

To view the total page count for a Xerox Workcentre 5632 copier, press the Machine Status button.  The page count will be displayed in the lower left corner of the screen, under the heading "Total Impressions."  (For more detailed page count information, select the Usage Counters icon.)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Copystar CS 1820

The Copystar CS-1820 is a laser copier with a built in printer and scanner that puts Copystar in the field of the small or home office. This market is a competitive one, with big names like Xerox and Brother competing for customers. This is all good news for the consumer as the manufacturers are forced to offer more for less.

The CS-1820 is a monochrome laser copier, printer and scanner in that order. It is a copier first, much like others in the CS class, but has a built-in scanner and copier. It makes sense really as all three are co-dependent on each other to function. There is the option to add a fax, but this isn’t often required. Despite having these three features, the footprint is still relatively small. At 20 inches by 16.5 by 18 inches high it isn’t a huge machine, and at 32 pounds doesn’t weigh a great deal either.

The copy and print quality is first class. Both produce great text and grayscale reproductions and firmly places Copystar’s name to the list of great image producers. The text had clean lines, good fill and images were reproduced accurately, which is the mark of a good laser. Copies are output at a rate of 18 pages per minute so there isn’t much waiting around for these great quality prints either.

Scanning is also respectable, with decent, color image production in all our tests. It is only an added function not the primary, but it does offer excellent bang for your buck considering. The optional fax is a G3 and can send a sheet every 3 seconds. It has all the usual speed dials, phone books, and telephone keypad buttons and options.

The control panel is a simple affair, with each function having a definite set of buttons, preventing any mistakes or confusion. The panel is small, but well considered and won’t cause any problems to users. Toner management is also straightforward with replacements lasting 7200 pages.

The CS-1820 is a solid looking multifunction device. All rounded corners and solid lines. It’s design is there to inspire and should live up to the expectation it creates. Businesses in the market for a multifunction would do well to consider the CS-1820 as it offers both reliability and cost effectiveness which is the holy grail of office machinery.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sharp AR M350N page count

To see the total page count for an AR-M350N copier, press and hold the Copy button.  The page count will be displayed on the screen.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Lexmark P3120 PrinTrio error

I replaced an ink cartridge in my Lexmark P3120 PrinTrio and when I closed the printer door I heard a pop! Now I get the msg printer door open.

I know what has happened, there is a 1 inch long plastic rocker that popped off in side. It feel out when I was examining the unit. It doesnt appear to be damaged, it looks as if it just snaps back on. But the problem is. How do you open this printer up?

I went to Best Buy where I bought it in Feb. of 2004 and they wont even send it in for service. It prints really well and I dont want to drop another $150 on a new printer, because of a 5 cent part.

I need to know how do you get into this printer. So does anyone have a sevice manual?


Monday, September 2, 2013

Sharp AL 2050CS All In One Full Duplex Copier

OVERVIEW: The Sharp AL-2050cs all-in-one offers the copying, scanning, and printing features of earlier models, plus Ethernet network connectivity, larger memory, and 2-sided printing of 2-sided originals.

At 51 pounds, the all-in-one copier has a footprint 20.4” x 17.6”. The copier is a little large to put on a desk but will feel right at home on any credenza, and the second paper tray brings it at a height comfortable for someone standing next to it to manually make copies or scans.

Having built-in Ethernet network support and a hi-speed USB, the AL-2050CS is right at home either in the middle of an office floor or connected to a secretary’s computer. It gives an office with multiple computers to be able to utilize one machine for printing instead of having to buy a printer for every workstation. The non-expandable 30MB of memory allows the all-in-one to easily handle print jobs from many computers.

Sharp has made some major improvements on the AL-2050’s control panel, making it even more useful than before. Now users have more programming preset control at the panel, plus the alpha-numeric display makes troubleshooting easier than with earlier models.

The AL-2050CS uses a stationary 8½” x 14” platen for scanning instead of a sliding platform to keep its footprint no bigger than its physical size. The automatic document feeder allows for 30 double-sided copies to be made up to legal-size: more originals can be fed in as the level lowers. By scanning the original once and storing the image into its 3MB memory allows the AL-2050CS to produce copies at the rate of 20 pages per minute, up to 99 copies.

Unlike earlier models, the auto-doc feeder of the AL-2050CS can automatically scan 2-sided originals and create 2-sided copies. When you think of all the times you had 20 pages of 2-sided originals and the hoops you had to jump when a copier could only read one side, this feature alone makes this worth buying.

Another nice feature the AL-2050CS has (if you use the automatic document feeder) is the ability to physically shift the position of each set of copies in the output tray for easy collating and stapling. This is achieved by pressing the Electronic Sort (or E-Sort) button on the control panel. The multi-page original is scanned first into the 10MB memory, then copied in order. This offset sorting feature is rarely found on other desktop copiers or all-in-ones.

The AL-2050CS has three different copy exposure modes & resolutions up to 600 x 600 dpi at 256 grayscale levels. The magnification can be changed from 25% to 400% in 1% increments or in 6 jumps. Scanning resolutions can be adjusted from 50 x 50 dpi B&W to 9,600 x 9,600 dpi color at scanning speeds that take less than ½ second per page.

This Sharp has two sliding paper trays, each holding up to 250 sheets of either letter (8½” x 11”) or legal (8½” x 14”) size paper. The two-tray feature is especially nice in an office where legal and standard size papers are often used. Non-standard sizes from 3” x 5” up to 8½” x 14” can be placed singly on the scanning platform, or up to 50 sheets placed on the multi-purpose flip-tray on the side of the copier.

As this was one of Sharp’s first network copiers, it runs on the slower 10BaseT and cannot be connected to a hub or switch that cannot auto-switch between the two speeds.

Sharp’s does not offer PCL or PostScript print emulation. Instead, Sharp provides their own SPLC print emulator. For most printing, users won’t notice any difference in performance, but it would be nice to have a PostScript option.

Starter toner cartridge that comes with the AL-2050CS will last for only 2,000 sheets, so it’s a good idea to place an order for more toner when you get the all-in-one.

The AL-2050CS has separate toner and drum to help reduce overall consumables costs. Sharp offers a choice for toner: the standard-size toner (4,000 pages at 5%), or the High-yield (6,000 pages) unit. The drum unit will need to be replaced ever 18, 000 pages or every 3rd toner replacement.

During the course of changing toner, people often forget to keep track when it’s time to change the drum. Combo-packages are available that offer the drum with several toners. By the time the toners are consumed, the remaining drum is replaced. These combo-packages make maintenance easy and increases overall longevity and print quality.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Samsung ML 2510

The Samsung ML-2510 is a 24 page per minute workgroup printer that packs a lot more punch than its diminutive size would suggest.

Small workgroups or businesses who need a laser monochrome printer that combines good quality printing with a reasonable price would do well to check out the Samsung ML-2510. The reasonable sizes means it doesn’t need its own desk or corner of the room like many workgroup machines, while it’s quiet operation means it won’t deafen you while it’s working either.

The Samsung ML-2510 works quickly, we printed a 50 page document that included basic images and it completed with 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Text quality was great, each page was clear and every letter was rendered flawlessly. Even charts were drawn neatly, with all the edges presented crisp and straight.

The only moving part on this machine is the toner and drum. This makes the ML-2510 very easy to maintain. This is also one of the reasons why it is so quiet when it’s working. There is a toner cartridge supplied in the package, which is good for 1000 pages. Replacements are good for 3000 and are easily available. Replacing either the toner or drum can be done in less than a minute so downtime can be kept to a minimum.

Out of the box, the printer is easy to install. Once unpacked, the toner and drum fit into the front above the paper tray and the USB or parallel connections fit in the back. The driver package is basic but perfectly adequate for most needs, with the install process complete within a couple of minutes.

The paper tray can hold 250 sheets and seems quite robust. It should take quite a bit rough handling before it starts wobbling in its housing, certainly more than it should experience in an average office.

For a little under $100 this is a great little printer. Not everyone needs to print in color, or print photographic quality, so a mono laser is an ideal solution in those cases. Cartridges are reasonably priced, bringing the cost per page lower than most of the ML-2510’s competition. A worthy entry into the market.