Sunday, September 15, 2013

Canon ImageRunner 550

Canon has done it again with the Canon ImageRunner 550. This new version of the ImageRunner is fast, efficient, effective, durable, sharp, long-lasting and can be used for either small projects or large industrial scale projects as well. This can be attested by the fact that it has a copying and printing speed of fifty five pages per minute coupled with plenty of expandability features. If you are in search of a printer that will waste not even a single minute during heavy duty printing and copying, the Canon ImageRunner 550 is the one for you.

The expandability of this great printer is further enhanced with other addition products which are inclusive of hardware such as a hole puncher, a stapler and so forth. Furthermore, it has a standard 2.1 GB Image Sever and features such as automatic image orientation, resident forms storage and much more which serve to upgrade its printing and copying functions. Another great feature of the Canon ImageRunner 550 is its Z folding feature available with a few upgrades. This feature folds brochures from papers perfectly so that you do not have to spend hours and hours doing tedious work yourself.

The Canon ImageRunner 550 has an automatic document feeder of one hundred sheet capacity ADF in addition to an automatic trayless duplexing which means that while this printer prints single sided documents with lightening speed it can also print and copy double sided documents with minimum lagging time in between prints. If you are looking for a printer that will allow more storage of paper for emergency bulk usage, the Canon ImageRunner 550 is ideal for you. With the additional three thousand five hundred sheet paper deck the paper storage capacity of this printer shoots up to seven thousand six hundred and fifty sheets!

We’ve gotten through the speed, paper and high quality of prints and copies this printer has to offer, but how much ink will this printer consume and what will its usage of cartridges and toners be? Canon ImageRunner 550 can go on printing for four thousand sheets with a super high yield toner cartridge and for an unbelievable three million impressions with a drum cartridge. Furthermore, once you activate this printer’s toner save mode, this statistics are known to rise to even greater heights.

Lastly but not the least, this massive and powerful machine has a warm up time of just thirty seconds.