Thursday, September 5, 2013

Copystar CS 1820

The Copystar CS-1820 is a laser copier with a built in printer and scanner that puts Copystar in the field of the small or home office. This market is a competitive one, with big names like Xerox and Brother competing for customers. This is all good news for the consumer as the manufacturers are forced to offer more for less.

The CS-1820 is a monochrome laser copier, printer and scanner in that order. It is a copier first, much like others in the CS class, but has a built-in scanner and copier. It makes sense really as all three are co-dependent on each other to function. There is the option to add a fax, but this isn’t often required. Despite having these three features, the footprint is still relatively small. At 20 inches by 16.5 by 18 inches high it isn’t a huge machine, and at 32 pounds doesn’t weigh a great deal either.

The copy and print quality is first class. Both produce great text and grayscale reproductions and firmly places Copystar’s name to the list of great image producers. The text had clean lines, good fill and images were reproduced accurately, which is the mark of a good laser. Copies are output at a rate of 18 pages per minute so there isn’t much waiting around for these great quality prints either.

Scanning is also respectable, with decent, color image production in all our tests. It is only an added function not the primary, but it does offer excellent bang for your buck considering. The optional fax is a G3 and can send a sheet every 3 seconds. It has all the usual speed dials, phone books, and telephone keypad buttons and options.

The control panel is a simple affair, with each function having a definite set of buttons, preventing any mistakes or confusion. The panel is small, but well considered and won’t cause any problems to users. Toner management is also straightforward with replacements lasting 7200 pages.

The CS-1820 is a solid looking multifunction device. All rounded corners and solid lines. It’s design is there to inspire and should live up to the expectation it creates. Businesses in the market for a multifunction would do well to consider the CS-1820 as it offers both reliability and cost effectiveness which is the holy grail of office machinery.