Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Savin SLP38c

The Savin SLP38c is a great laser printer that is ideal for heavy duty office and business work in demanding environments. It gained massive popularity in the market in a short span of time owing to its efficiency, speed, accuracy, high quality prints, state of the art technological features, additional supplies that further enhance its working, special printing and folding features, its affordable price and more. In addition to printing pages with minimum manual support, it prints at high resolutions with sharp and rich colors, accurate details and high speed.

The printing speeds of this printer are exceptionally high and are ideal for demanding and heavy duty work tasks. It is capable of printing up to 28 colored pages a minute and an average of 38 monochrome pages a minute. These speeds are quickly achieved after a small warm and start up delay and the lag time between printing of pages is also small. Its speed is coupled with a high resolution of 1200 dots per inch. Its paper holding capacity is also in sync with its aim of being an office working printer. It has 2 standard paper trays at the input site each of which can hold up to 500 sheets of paper at a time. In addition to this, there is an optional larger capacity tray that has enough space for as many as 2000 sheets of paper. This means that users will not have to worry about running out of paper during long printing tasks.

Out of the numerous additional features that the Savin SLP38c is built with, to upgrade its working and functionality, the SmartNetMonitor is particularly popular. This feature allows users to monitor all important statistics and information about the machine such as the system’s configuration, toner levels for both black and white and color toners, system status, paper supplies and more. When this smart feature is combined with the printer’s networking capabilities it decreases printing time, increases output, saves time and eliminates the risk of important data being lost. This is done by the machine shifting a particular printing task to other stations through fast networking so that it can be completed there in case the original station has crashed and so forth.

The Savin SLP38c not only prints material it also sorts and compiles it properly. By adding the optional finisher, users can take advantage of tasks such as stacking, sorting, stapling, hole punching and more.