Saturday, October 19, 2013

Brother MFC 7225N

For businesses who want to have a machine that provides excellent quality printouts, scans and offers great faxing, the Brother MFC-7225N has everything they want. This is a laser machine offering a compact range of features for home and office use. This 5 in 1 compact product offers reliability, speed and affordability, plus a range of functions that can satisfy the demands of the most demanding user.

Although this machine is monochrome, the quality it provides is unparalleled by most other products of the same price point. It is a popular product with users who have little space to accommodate separate machines for printing, faxing, scanning and copying. Being affordable, you can get this multifunction device and put it in a corner somewhere and leave it to work.

Besides being a multi functional machine for domestic, commercial or office purposes, the Brother MFC-7225N is Energy Star compliant and certified for windows vista software. The certification rates this product environmentally friendly and means that it complies with strict guidelines about power use when on standby and doesn’t use excessive amounts of power when working.

With such a huge range of positives attached to it, it’s hard to fault. It is a bit noisy, but nothing outrageous. The print quality is good enough for most uses, and is quick enough for even the most time-starved office.

Print quality is good, especially with text. The edges appear clean and crisp with good filling. Scans are the same as it uses the same print driver. Images took a little longer to process but came out acceptably. Certainly good enough for general office use anyway.

With minimal usage of toner, Energy Star compliance, low purchase price the average cost of running the printer is far below that of its competitors. The Brother MFC-7225N is the perfect machine for you as it offers reliability, affordability and efficiency all through a single chassis. Multifunctions are becoming more popular as the quality of the output improves. Industry leaders like Brother are partly responsible for this, and with products like this hitting the market it’s no surprise.