Friday, October 11, 2013

Dell 2130cn

The Dell 2130cn is a high quality colored laser printer with quite an affordable price. It is black in color, is square in shape and has a little depression at the top where there is a paper-out tray. It also has an LCD display and buttons in the front to control the menu and cancel a print job when required.
The Dell 2130cn consists of a number of features which increases its value. Its text printing quality is commendable and graphic printing also gives good results. The quality of colored photos are not as good when compared to an inkjet printer but that is the case with all laser printers so reviews about the photos are still ranked highly.

It is user friendly and prints at a fast rate of 16 colored pages per minute and 20 black pages per minute. This speed is actually pretty good as compared to other colored laser printers in the same price range. It can fit up to 250 pages in the input tray and 150 pages in the output tray. It may not be perfect but it’s certainly a great product for its price. Along with the printer two kinds of ports are provided - Ethernet and USB and through the USB adapter it can also be connected to a wireless network.

It has a very simplified networking system which will enable users easy printer sharing options. The design and shape of the printer is not made just to impress the users but it actually offers good features and is said to be best for use in a small business or amongst a few people.

In order to help the user to manage supplies dell 2130cn provides an integrated Dell toner management system. Dell is perhaps the first producer of such colored printers which lets you print in black when the colored cartridge gets empty. You can generally purchase the Dell replacement toner online as the most efficient way of ordering it. This printer is installed with such technology that while printing it uses the least possible energy hence it is both environmentally friendly and it conserves your resources. Another important feature is the Emulsion Aggregation Technology which arranges the pixels closer to each other giving a more precise image.

The Dell 2130cn is guaranteed to be reliable. It gives a look to your professional documents and has upgrading options which make them even more presentable.