Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Lanier 5613

I had never heard of Lanier until I joined this company. I had always worked with the big boys, HP, Xerox and Brother. I didn’t realize Lanier was part of Ricoh, who I had heard of until much later, when I actually read the user manual for the 5613 which we had.

The Lanier 5613 is quite a different setup. The most popular multifunctions have a printer, copier, scanner and fax. This one has a copier and fax, with the printer as an option. Then a further option of a networked printer. I guess if an office doesn’t print that much this would be the ideal choice, and this office doesn’t print that much, but I was under the impression the copier used a combination of the printer and scanner mechanisms.

Size-wise the 5613 is about the same size as other desktop multifunctions. It has an automatic document feeder on the top which can hold around 50 pages. Lift the lid and you can see the glass or ‘platen’ for the copier.

The control panel is pretty straightforward. Most of the buttons are for the fax, so if you only have the copier version the panel should be small indeed. There is a small grey LCD screen that shows you what’s going on, how many copies, size and all the other bits of information. For the fax side, there is a full telephone keypad on the right and buttons for redial, phone book and all the other standard functions.

Copy quality is good at 600 dpi. It can make 13 copies per minute and they all come out the same quality. Text is best, but the copier can easily handle images and photos too. We produce a lot of graphs, which means a lot of shading and a lot of straight lines. The Lanier copier handles them all with ease.

The fax we have is a Super G3, which is the quickest as far as I know. It can send a standard sized page in about 3 seconds, and has enough memory for hundreds of incoming faxes. There is also a built-in hard drive which can handle secure faxes, or copying to or from a file. We don’t use it often, but it flies when we need it to.

The Lanier 5613 is a good piece of office equipment. It isn’t the typical setup but don’t hold that against it. What it does, it does well and hasn’t let us down in the two years I have been working here.