Saturday, November 16, 2013

Epson T series and TX series Problem About Adjustment Program

if you find adjustment program for epson T series and Epson TX series. You can see a lot adjustment program available on internet for this epson series, but none of them work. If you run the software, the adjustment not response. Why? I got information from someone, Adjustment program for epson T series and TX series is locked by ASI file.
What is ASI file? ASI file can be created by using “ASI make” tool from epson. The ASI file must be send to epson Autorithy Sevice Center to get download link adjustment program Epson T series and TX series which can be run in your computer.
Then adjutment program can not be run with following conditions
  • IF you upgrade your computer
  • Reinstall your OS
The solutions you must resend the ASI file and get new download link for this epson.
I hope epson give freely the tool for help the customer.